This new product will push Lisk (LSK) to above $100 in 2018

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The continued success of Lisk (LSK) this February serves to show the potential of the coin’s price. The coin’s price continued its stellar performances this week after the recent cryptocurrency bear run that saw 40% of the total market capitalization wiped off. This recent boost has seen it rank as one of the best performing cryptocurrency on a week-on-week basis. The price bounced backed with a 20% increase to the news of the upcoming Lisk relaunch event this February. The announcement of the launch of Lisk Academy, a product that will offer a one stop shop in matters relating to blockchain and Lisk,  may well tap into a free market and may well push its price past $100 before the end of the year.

“It is the Lisk Academy that may well prove to be the key that will enable the coin challenge the bigger platforms such as NEO and Ethereum.”

Lisk (LSK) has received increased attention from various cryptocurrency communities this month. This comes as Lisk Foundation, announced through their Medium page that the scheduled Lisk relaunch event will be held next week Tuesday, February 20th in Berlin, Germany.  Lisk has since seen a rapid increase its market capitalization in the past two days with more investors bidding to buy the altcoin in major exchanges following the news about the re-launch this February. The coin’s market cap has soared by over $ 700, 000 this week.

This event will see the launch various products that will be added to Lisk platform such as Lisk new design and logo, UI and UX strategy and the new Lisk app that comes with a wallet and explorer functionality. With all these products set to be launched on the same evening, it’s the Lisk Academy that may well prove to be the key that will enable the coin challenge the bigger platforms such as NEO and Ethereum.

This educational platform, will be the first of its kind on blockchain technology. The courses will be offered on the company’s website and will be targeting the users who have no previous understanding in the world of blockchain. The learning platform will also offer courses in the blockchain technology, how to carry out development of the technology and its practical application in solving real life issues. The product will also be developed to allow users to have basic understanding on how to use the Lisk platform and how to develop applications on the site. This will enable faster adoption of the blockchain technology to these new users and offers an opportunity for growth for Lisk’s user base as they look for a new cryptocurrency investment.

The altcoin has recently been gaining a lot of popularity amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts since joining the likes of Bitcoin, NEO and Ethereum in the top 20 ranked coins. This has even caused a greater surge in the price of the coin. Two months ago, the price of one LSK coin stood at $ 17, a surge of 120% since the coin was offered to the public in May 2016. Currently, the price is scaling to a high of $ 35 this February and is poised to push past the all-time high price of $38 soon.

But things are currently looking good for Lisk (LSK), which enjoys a market capitalization of $4,226,999,357 placing it 14th in the cryptocurrency ranking. Investors are confident on the coin which clearly reflects in its price. Lisk has been bullish in the past month attracting huge volumes of trade and currently trades at $ 35.77.

This recent news breathes new life to the coin and may well serve to push Lisk (LSK) past the $100-mark before the end of the year. However, nothing is certain in the world of cryptocurrencies given its high volatility and risk and it’s the actualization of the vision behind Lisk Academy launch that will push the price higher, not only a name change and relaunch.


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