Bitcoin Gold (BTG) offers hope for the much feared BTC bubble burst

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For quite a long time now, the talk of Bitcoin (BTC) hitting the roof has been in the air. Especially after the month long depreciation of the Bitcoin prices, investors have been holding their breath for the unexpected. However, you don’t have to keep Bitcoin and risking a heart attack when there is a new BTC fork in town where BTC investors can run for refuge. The new fork is the Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

Bitcoin Gold was formed in October 2017 just before Bitcoin (BTC) prices skyrocketed to their previous heights in December the same year.

With just some months in the market, the prices of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) have been doing extremely great. It is actually the only crypto coin which was able to withstand the current shakeup in the cryptocurrency prices where the prices of almost every digital coin is plugging lower every day.

The most interesting thing about the Bitcoin Gold coin (BTG), is that when the rest of the crypto coins were experiencing their surge in prices, BTG also had its share of the surge in the prices. But once it attained its highs, it remained quite determined there, although it has succumbed to a bit of depreciation, although not as much as that witnessed in most of the major crypto coins.

Converting your Bitcoin coins into Bitcoin Gold

For those who went into Bitcoin Gold immediately after it forked out on 12th November, 2017. They were able to get an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold coins as their BTC coins. At that time the prices were even enabling them to convert without losses.

However, it is still not too late to convert your BTC into BTG coins. Actually, I would term it as a one in a million chance to acquire more Bitcoin Gold coins. With the current trend BTG should be hitting more than $1000 USD per token very soon. Most of the coins which break away from Bitcoin end up being successful because of Bitcoin’s success.

At the moment, 1 BTG = 0.01333370 BTC. Meaning, for example, if you want to convert your 1,000 BTC coins into BTG coins, you would get around 74,997 BTG coins. Presuming all remains calm and the prices of BTG appreciates as expected, in the next three months, the prices should be somewhere above $200 which is a $57 appreciation from the current $142.97 USD per token .

This means that your acquired Bitcoin Gold (BTG) would be worth a cool $14,999,587 USD.  Am sure this will be too much more than what the 1000 Bitcoins will be worth then considering the current depreciation and the anticipated bubble burst.

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