Sell unused mobile data using the Dent (DENT) token

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Do you want to make money of your unused data? How about buying your mobile data from a random guy on a secure exchange? Get data at discounted prices? Dent (DENT), the token running the first mobile data exchange, was created by DENT Wireless Ltd in September 2017. This article explains how the DENT exchange aims at disrupting and liberating the Telco industry.

As the value of the internet increases by the day, constant provision of mobile data is now a necessity to most people with digital gadgets. Mobile data is provided by specific Telco companies in a specific region. These data providers tend to ration the supply and charge exuberant prices to the customer. The high cost of data does not seem to be the only big problem to consumers. Consumers also lose a lot of money in the form of expired mobile data.

DENT token provides the solution to these problems through its global mobile exchange platform.  The network uses the Ethereum platform to allow owners to buy, sell or donate mobile data in a decentralized, cheaper and transparent way using Dent (DENT) as the currency.

Towards the end of December 2017, DENT started to gain value recording an increase of 45% in January doubling its price to $0.00601. This pushed the coin to the top 100 coins on Coinmarketcap after a relatively stable period since its public sale in September 2017.

Investors interested in the token reacted to the good news that Dent will be listed on the Okex Exchange pushing the price up significantly. However, the altcoin was not spared the recent bloodbath in the crypto arena, dropping to $0.001 from an all-time high of $0.102.

Currently, the token trades at $ 0.025944 and has recently gained much attention from investors and mobile data companies who are into their idea. The altcoin has so far achieved a market capitalization of $275,384,051 with the total supply of tokens capped at 100 billion Dent (DENT).

We see a lot of interest from Asian mobile operators in DENT’s value proposition. Therefore I am delighted to see DENT establishing its new Operations Center in Singapore, close to our customers there.

-Ramon Greep, SVP Telco Operations of DENT Wireless during the opening of DENT Operations Center in Singapore

The upcoming Mobile World Congress (#MWC18) on February 26th 2018 in Barcelona offers a unique forum for more people to learn on the DENT token. The seminars aims to offer new learners in the blockchain field a touch on the technology current and future development plans. Given the nature of the forum, it would not be prudent skipping one of the most important tokens in the Telco industry.

Mobile data liberator & Telco Disruptor

This January, DENT Wireless Limited, announced the opening of new Operation center in Singapore this February, further widening its reach in Asia. The center will be in charge of core development of the network, world-wide mobile data operations and customer service to all DENT users.


The Hong Kong based company has also been working round the clock to establishing partnerships with mobile data providers across the world. Some of the companies patnering with Dent (DENT) include; AT&T, Vivo, Verzon, Etisalat, MTN and Airtel. The network is currently intergrated in 8 countries, Oman, Nigeria, India, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Dent (DENT) shows hope of growth with a very experienced team and a progressive roadmap for 2018. The token offers a value in its actual use giving its holders a ‘hodling’ opportunity given its massive potential.



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