ETHLend (LEND) to the moon thanks to a strong developer team!

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You can tell a good crypto by the strength and dedication of its developer team. On this basis, Ethlend (LEND) is leading from the front. This relatively young crypto that had an ICO a little over a month ago, is driven by a team that is fully dedicated to make it work. Here are some of their works that are guaranteed to push up Ethlend in the future.

  1. Collateral calling

The Ethlend (LEND) team is currently crowdsourcing for ideas on how to handle collateral calling. They want the community to come up with ideas on how collateral should be handled.  Some of the ideas they are throwing out for discussion include whether to call collateral partially or to give a notice of payment to the borrower.

Without getting into the technicalities of this lending issue, what is clear is that the team is showing the determination to find a system that will effectively serve borrowers in the best way possible. Once they find a solution to this issue, and they will, you can expect the levels of loans going through Ethlend to go up, which will in turn push up the value of this coin. Already the community is providing excellent solutions to this problem through Reddit and other platforms where the Ethlend team is asking for opinions.


  1. A Global push

The Ethlend (LEND) team is also doing a great job at trying to push this crypto across the world. You see, it is still young and not many people know about it.  It requires a strong team to actually push such a young crypto and create demand. The team is doing quite well on this front.

Currently, the team is busy creating awareness about Ethlend in Australia and other Asian nations.  Given that Asia is the largest crypto market in the world, it isn’t hard to see why Ethlend will push up in value once the team succeeds in their marketing efforts.


  1. The lending bug

The Ethlend developer team has also managed to fix a bug that was hindering the efficient lending of Ethereum on the platform.  This is a sign of dedicated team that is determined to see this crypto succeed. Now that they have managed to fix this bug, the number of Ethereums lent through this platform will increase significantly. This is guaranteed to push up the value of Ethlend by a significant margin, considering that the number of Ethers lent out has been growing; even with the bug issues affecting the lending process.


Where to buy Ethlend

Going by how dedicated and strong the Ethlend developer team is, investing now before its value explodes is a good decision.

So where do you buy it? Since its ICO, Ethlend (LEND) has been listed on a several exchanges including Binance and Kucoin. This is a sign of a coin that is quickly growing in acceptance, which also means that its price will most likely shoot up in coming days. This is a coin that could easily hit $3 and above in 2018.   It’s time to buy and enjoy value growth in the future!



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