VeChain (VEN): Best crypto coin to buy when all others are declining; buy now or it will be too late!

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Being relatively new in the market, Vechain (VEN) is performing extremely well, especially in these hard economic times for cryptocurrencies. The coin has show great market strength over the period of one month that cryptocurrencies have seen their worst depressions in years.

The Vechain (VEN) coin is poised to register a higher growth in 2018 than the previous one year it has been in the market and it is just about to start!

Vechain (VEN) coin strength

When the rest of the cryptocurrencies bowed to pressure as early as the beginning of January, 2018 and started declining erasing the gains made during December 2017, Vechain (VEN) remained on course till the last week of January 2018. However, the pressure was too much and it had to give in, but after hitting an all-time high of $9.55 USD per token on 22nd Jan, 2018. This made it one of the few crypto coins to withstand the current bearish trend in the general cryptocurrency market by at least a month.

And even after assuming the bearish trend, the trend did not last for long before regaining its bullish trend. The down trend only lasted for 15 days when for other crypto coins it has taken more than a month now.

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After hitting a resistance at $ 2.63 USD, the prices resumed a bullish trend, registering a 63.5% growth in just a week now. This shows a very strong determination of the coin to regain its eroded gains with the shortest time possible.

Again, with the much rumored re-branding to have two types of tokens (VeChain Toke (VET) and the Thor Power (THOR)) operating in the same blockchain, the prices are expected to skyrocket even further. Although at this time individuals shall be using the Thor Power (THOR) not the VEN.

Which is better; short term investment or long term investment?

Short term investments may not be that rewarding compared to long-term investments. However, for the long term investment, you have to be very sure that you get the trend right since you can hold on the opposite side of the trend for too long anticipating that it will change and come back for you.

For Vechain (VEN), a long term investment is advisable. If you buy at the current market price of $4.30 USD, you would be sure of making at least several thousands of US Dollars at the end of the year, and that is a worthy investment. Don’t worry about the rebranding, for those with Vechain (VEN) coins will be given first priority.

Let’s do a rough estimate with figures:

Let us assume that you open a buy a thousand VEN coins, it will cost you $4,300 USD. Then let’s assume you hold this position for a long term position of let’s say for the remaining part of the year 2108. If the prices hit $10 which is just about halfway to our target of $18 by the end of the year, each Vechain (VEN) coin will have gained $5.7. This translates to a total of $5,700 USD profit.

For a long term investment, the higher the risk involved the more the returns. For example, if in our above example the invested amount was 10 times more, the profit would also be ten times more; meaning you could get a profit of $57,000USD.


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