Afraid of crypto exchange hackers? Try OAX

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Afraid of crypto exchange hackers? Try OAX!

A few weeks ago, Coincheck exchange was hacked and more than $400 million worth of NEM stolen. The exchange then froze trading on all other coins, holding off the digital wealth of thousands of its clients.  This sounds disastrous, but it is not the first nor the last. Bitfinex too was hacked some time and was forced to create a token that was used to compensate its users. Of course, the mother of all hacks was the MtGox hack that nearly brought the young developing crypto market to its knees.

These hacks are becoming all too frequent, making investors lose confidence in centralized crypto exchanges. Unfortunately, there seems to be no viable option available. That’s because while traders can make use of decentralized exchanges, many of those available in the market today have very low trading volumes. They are just not worth it for an investor looking to capitalize on market volatility to make money in the crypto markets.

That’s where OAX comes in. It has all the features that make it an attractive alternative to everything else that is in the market right now.  For instance, it’s highly secure. Its major source of security comes from the fact that takes a collateralized digital approach, which means that the exchange only holds one key to a crypto, while the client holds the other.  This way, even if the exchange is hacked, the chances of clients losing their funds, as it happens in centralized exchanges are greatly reduced.

Secondly, the OAX exchange is very liquid. Liquidity is the primary reason why investors shy away from decentralized exchanges in favor of the riskier centralized exchanges. OAX’s liquidity is achieved through pooling of investor funds a credit risk market, making it easy for traders to get orders through this exchange, and at the best rates in the market.

On top of that,   OAX exchange uses a DAO governance structure which gives users total control over the platform. As a member, you are sure that there is no central entity making decisions that can have a negative impact on the investments that you handle through this exchange.

With all these advantages that the OAX exchange offers to investors, it’s not hard to see why the OAX (OAX) token will grow in value. It has a good fundamental backing, given that it represents an exchange that is better than what is in the market, both centralized and decentralized. This is one token that makes sense for an investor to put their money in.

Where to buy OAX (OAX)

There are several exchanges where you can buy OAX (OAX). These are as follows:

  • io
  • Liqui
  • Bter
  • Binance

Once you have bought OAX (OAX), you can store them in different wallets including:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • MetaMask
  • Trezor
  • Ledger wallet

This token is a good buy, for someone looking for value appreciation. It also gives you access to one of the most revolutionary exchanges where you can trade and invest without the fear of losing your coins to hackers.



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