4 reasons why Hshare (HSR) is the best crypto to buy now!

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Four reasons why Hshare (HSR) is the best crypto to buy now!

Blockchain technology is changing the way we interact with technology, by increasing operational efficiency and cutting down on costs. Unfortunately, it has its limitations, especially when it comes to the processing of micropayments. That’s why some experts considering block-less technologies such as Tangle, the technology behind IOTA , as the future of technology. Unfortunately, this tech has its downsides too, such as a lack of smart contract capabilities, and the fact that it doesn’t have zero transaction fees as it is usually assumed.  That’s where Hshare comes in. It takes the strong points of both technologies, while improving on their weaknesses to come up with a coin that actually serves the needs of society.   Thanks to its technical superiority, Hshare has diverse real-life applications that make it an intrinsically strong coin. Here are some potential applications of Hshare that make it a great investment.

  1. It is an ultra-cryptocurrency

Due to the fact that it combines the best of blockchain and blockless systems, Hshare (HSR) acts as the bridge between blockchain based cryptos and blockless ones like those that run on DAG. This makes it the most strategic coin that one can buy. That’s because as the demand for cryptos (both blockchain and blockless) ones grows, so will the value of the crypto connecting them. This makes Hcash a valuable crypto that is guaranteed to grow with the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

  1. It is a perfect fintech

Financial technology is all about making transactions faster, more efficient and more secure. Hshare achieves this better than most other cryptos in the market. For starters, it is a hybrid of blockchain and blockless technologies making it faster and more efficient than what is currently available in the market. It also has quantum resistance meaning that the system can’t even be hacked with a quantum computer. That’s the kind of security that is needed in finance, and one that gives Hshare (HSR) the potential to become the dominant player in finance.

  1. Hshare is the future of IoT

As machines become smarter and more interconnected, you can be sure that the value of IoT coins will grow. That’s why analysts see great potential in IOTA coin. Now imagine how much potential is in a coin that takes the best of both blockchain and Tangle technologies and implements them together. That would be a superefficient and highly secure system that would take IoT to the next level. Hshare has these attributes making it the coin with the highest potential to revolutionize the next phase of IoT technological growth.

  1. It has a huge potential in big data and artificial intelligence

Big data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing how we live. They are making production cheaper and more efficient by predicting solutions to problems way before the problems emerge. Merging big data and AI with cryptocurrencies will be the next frontier of technology and Hshare is placed right in the middle of it. Due to its fast, efficient and secure nature, Hshare will solve some of the biggest problems that are at the center of big data manipulation such as data curation and analysis.

Where to buy Hshare (HSR)

This is the crypto to buy for someone who has an insight into next growth frontier in technology. You can buy it on Binance and a host of other exchanges.



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