Want free money? Well stock up on Ethereum Classic (ETC) now!

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Want free money? Well, stock up on Ethereum Classic (ETC) now!

In 2017, bitcoin holders received free coins, namely:  Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold. Since then, the two have significantly grown in value. Bitcoin cash, for example, is now worth over $1200 and was worth more before the recent crypto market crash. However, in case you missed out on the bitcoin free money, you have another chance! All you have to do is stock up on Ethereum classic (ETC).

Why? Well, that’s because the Ethereum Classic development team has decided to launch a separate blockchain, called the Callisto Network project.  Under this arrangement, each person holding Ethereum classic (ETC) will receive the new CLO coin, which will be the cryptocurrency running on the Callisto blockchain. The coins will be distributed on a 1:1 ratio for all ETC holders.

Will CLO grow?

Anyone who has benefited from bitcoin cash knows that these free coins are always worth it, and CLO will be no different. That’s because it has some serious value backing to it.  It introduces some serious improvements that are missing in most other cryptos.

For starters, it has cold staking. Cold staking simply means that holders of CLO will be earning interest depending on the number of coins that they own. The more the number of CLO coins they have in their portfolio, the higher the interest they can earn. Of course, all this is directly related to the number of Ethereum Classic ETC coins that a person holds at the moment.

On top of that, the Callisto network has a lower block time. This means that CLO coin will have much faster transaction speeds than what is currently available in the market. This will make Ethereum CLassic one of the most practical coins in the market.

All these factors make CLO a gem that is being offered for free!  All you have to do is hold on to Ether classic before the 5th of March.

How to earn the free coins

While this looks enticing, not everyone will earn CLO coins. It’s important that you understand the requirements. If you own some Ethereum classic (ETC) coins and hold them in an exchange, you won’t earn any CLO coins. Unless your exchange is kind enough to distribute them.

That’s because when holding coins in an exchange, you actually don’t own them. It is your exchange that owns them since they are the ones that are holding your private keys.  As you probably know, whoever holds the private keys to a crypto, is the one that owns them.

So where do you store ETC and earn free coins?

To guarantee yourself receipt of some free coins, ensure that you hold your Ethereum classic (ETC) coins in any of the following wallets:

These are wallets that give you full control over your ETC private keys, and guarantee you automatic receipt of CLO coins on the 5th of March.

Don’t let this chance to make some free money pass you by. Stock up onEthereum classic (ETC) and await the good news.



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