NEM (XEM) is the coin to watch in coming weeks

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NEM (XEM) is the coin to watch in coming weeks!

You can easily tell the future of a crypto by the number of people adopting it. The higher the potential for adoption, the more valuable a crypto becomes. That’s pretty much the case with NEM (XEM). Its massive adoption in Japan has pushed it into the top 10 of the cryptos market. Now it’s about to grow even more exponentially because it is targeting the global market.

The Middle East Market

Between the 11th and 22nd of February,  NEM (XEM) will hold a series of high profile meetings all aimed at taking NEM to the Middle East market. The first series of meetings will take place between the 11th and the 13th of February and will be target high ranking official such as Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, IMF chief Christine Largarde, and even former U.S president Barrack Obama.  These are powerful individuals that have the capacity to shift public sentiment towards NEM. If they pulls off this meeting successfully, you can be sure that this crypto will have wide scale adoption, especially by UAE corporations, and in the process pushing up its value by a significant margin.

This will be followed by a meeting on the 22nd of February when the NEM will hold another meeting in Dubai, this time focused solely on Islamic banking. Islamic banking is big business especially in the oil rich Middle East where incomes are in the top percentile of the global rankings. Given NEM (XEM) strong points such as fast transaction speeds and highly secure transactions, it is not hard to see why Islamic banks will very soon adopt NEM after the February 22nd meeting. This will most likely push up the value of this crypto and reward investors’ big time.

The push towards South America

It is not only in the Middle East that NEM is making aggressive moves, it is also making moves towards South America. NEM (XEM) has partnered with SynergyCryptoAdviser of Colombia. According to the terms of this partnership, SynergyCryptoAdviser will create awareness about the value of XEM to investors and developers all across South America.  Expect this to create unprecedented demand in XEM in coming days. With South America being a large and relatively untapped market when it comes to Blockchain related products, it would not be surprising if the value of NEM (XEM) pushes up by over 100% in the next few months, once they get to understand it.

The South American connection is especially important because NEM can be spent using a debit card, and has very fast and secure transactions. This has the potential to transform the huge South American remittances market.  Many South Americans work in the U.S, sending money back home, through slow and sometimes insecure means. If they can find a simpler way of doing their remittances back home, expect them to adopt it enmasse. That’s a significant value potential for NEM.

What now?

To take advantage of these upcoming events, buying-and-holding NEM (XEM) right now would be good idea. This is one crypto that can make you rich, if you are patient with it!



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