Is your computer slow lately? It could be mining Monero (XMR)

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Is your computer slow? It could be mining Monero (XMR)

Of all the things that people say about cryptocurrencies, there is one that no one can dispute, and that’s the fact that crypto space is full of very brainy fellows. Imagine someone thought long and hard and realized that they could tap into people’s computers all across the world, and give themselves a decent passive income through crypto mining. Have I lost you? Well, the thing is, your computer could be mining cryptos, without your knowledge. And the crypto of choice for people doing this happens to Monero. Yap, the good old privacy coin that has grown exponentially in the last one year; is making hackers rich, and without raising any alarm!

How can you detect it?

The easiest way to detect that your computer is being used to mine Monero (XMR) is its speed. If you are not a heavy computer user, and your computer starts slowing down significantly, there is good chance that it is mining Monero. Of course, you shouldn’t just rush to this conclusion before checking your computer for viruses, and malware that you may have downloaded from the different sites you visit online.

You can also detect it by running a scan using a good antimalware. Please note the word good, because not all anti-malware software are made equal.  A good one can easily find the Monero mining algorithm, and help you stay safe from these internet hustlers

The other, highly effective, way for determining whether your computer is mining Monero is to always keep your task manager open when using the internet. Any time you use the internet and you realize a spike in your CPU usage even though you are not browsing anything heavy, you need to take caution. There is a good chance that the website you are visiting has a hidden algorithm that is trying to use your computer for Monero mining.

Protect yourself from remote Monero (XMR) mining

There is no 100% guaranteed way of dealing such illicit mining schemes since they are always adapting and getting better. However, you can slow them down significantly by using ad-blockers. Ad-blockers are effective because, most of these mining bots are usually disguised as adverts.

You can also protect yourself from remote Monero mining, by only visiting websites that you trust. While this is not 100% possible, at least make the effort of not visiting questionable websites. Funny looking websites have always been the easiest point of entry into your computer, even before some clever individual discovered that they could use malware to make money mining Monero (XMR). There are many ways to tell a good website from a scam one. The most effective is to use search engine tools such as Google’s safe search filter, which ensures that some sites never rank on your search.

Stay safe, and smart today! Otherwise you could be making someone rich, while you can’t even send a word document, due to your machines crippled computing powerL.


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