Bibox Token (BIX) to the moon in 2018: Here is why…

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Bibox Token (Bix) to the moon in 2018! Here’s why…!

Are you looking to invest in a token that has the potential to make you a fortune in 2018? Then you should seriously consider investing in the Bibox token (BIX). It could easily very easily grow to $10 and above in 2018. Here are some of the factors that are guaranteed to give Bix the momentum it needs to shoot up in price.

  1. It solves an actual problem

One of the primary differences between a worthless token, and one with the potential to grow is the needs it satisfies. The more the needs that a token meets, the higher its value potential. On this front, the BIX token is a gem. That’s because it solves multiple problems at once.  For instance, this token allows users access to the Bibox exchange VIP AI tools, tools that they can use to make their trading more efficient.

This is a big need since every investor in the market wants to have an edge in their trading endeavors. As more investors buy this token aiming for these AI tools, you can expect its value to shoot up exponentially.  The token will also cut on trading fees on the Bibox exchange. Given that fees are a serious issue for most exchanges, you can expect this to push the price of BIX token to the stratosphere.

  1. Its supply is set to go down

One of the best ways to tell whether the value of a token will grow is to check out the number of coins in supply. The lower the number of coins in supply, the better. On this front, Bix token is quite interesting. That’s because the Bibox team will buy back Bix tokens every quarter and reduce the supply of Bibox Token (BIX) tokens in supply from 500 million coins to 200 million. This reduction in supply at such short intervals is likely to push up the value of Bix tokens significantly going into the future. As an investor, it would make sense to get in now, and enjoy value growth as the number of Bix tokens in supply reduces all through the year.

  1. Bix token has a strong developer team behind it

The value growth of a token is directly linked the quality of its developer team. The higher the quality of the team, the higher the chances of a coin performing exceptionally in the market. On this front, BIX is probably one of the best tokens you can buy.  That’s because the team behind it is also the one that developed the highly successful OkCoin and  This makes Bix token a sure bet in terms of value growth all through 2018.

  1. There is a working product

Bix token unlike most other projects in the market has a working product. The Bibox exchange is already up and running. It is also quite advanced offering traders access to AI tools that can help them make better decisions in the market.  The presence of a working product is a strong enough factor to push Bibox Token (BIX) to the moon!



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