Three reasons why TRON (TRX) might become popular in 2018

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Three reasons why TRON (TRX) might become popular in 2018

After weeks of sinking price spirals, the crypto markets are slowly creeping back with small gains. And although it is a difficult start for crypto, so far the prices look to bounce back from this crash. Additionally, out of one of the most substantial drops of all cryptocurrencies, some have defied the depression and maintained their market capitalization. One such crypto is Tron (TRX).

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you have to keep tabs on any coins that have a potential to become a top recovery pick. As I have highlighted, they are factors that I would weigh to consider Tron as a top pick. Let’s have a look at how I expect Tron to gain in the crypto markets.

  1. It’s cheap

Although the price for TRON (TRX) stands at $0.0375, this is a project that still has a lot to accomplish. And at an early stage, the price seems fair compared to other forms of cryptocurrency. Additionally, TRON has shown much potential in gaining price, at times getting to 0.30 USD.

As of now much of the markets are down. But this is a blessing in disguise for TRON, since the lower it gets, the more substantial the discount for crypto investors. And with a sound market cap and value in pennies, I promise you this one isn’t staying at the current levels for a long time. The under-a-dollar cost is a considerable attraction whenever crypto investors want to buy. It plays a huge role in decision making since the history of cryptocurrency shows the progress of coins from dollar fractions to reach the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  1. Blockchain gaming

If you were to relive the 90’s, you would remember the Tamagotchi game with virtual pets. A comparable concept currently exists within the blockchain. Crypto Kitties was the leading game with such pets plus the use of cryptocurrency within the game’s ecosystem. Now, TRON is set to introduce Tron Dogs to the world of crypto gaming.

The game lets you breed, sell or buy virtual dogs using TRX. The use of games is a win for cryptocurrency since it’s an innovative tactic to get people to use your cryptocurrency. With time the popularity of Tron Dogs will pick up, and there will be an upsurge in price value of TRX due to rise in volume transactions. Furthermore, the game tokens are incredibly inexpensive, and users can get a noteworthy amount for as little as $10.

  1. Partnerships

Over the past few months, TRON (TRX)was on course in building alliances with some big-name companies and corporations. These connections have an element of surprise in them. But maybe the companies are aware of the future abilities of the TRON project. One such group is Singapore’s bike sharing platform oBike, where TRON was to develop the company’s cryptocurrency, oCoin. Also, TRON has a relationship with one of China largest e-commerce site, Alibaba.

As a result, some of TRON’s development recruits are actually from Alibaba. Such collaboration might go a long way in actually building confidence and trust in the project. With 2018 far from over, I expect more corporations in the near future.

Bottom Line

As a relatively new project, TRON surely promises a lot for the crypto world. There is no denying that investors are still excited about Tron’s prospects even though the market is on a low turn. However, the project is still under development but still very impressive at an infancy stage. Despite all this, the growing utility of Tron (TRX)will lead to a rise in adoption among the crypto community through 2018.



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