Qtum (QTUM): The Dapps platform designed with perfection in mind!

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Qtum (QTUM): Platform designed with perfection in mind!

Before the correction that has hit crypto values hard for the last few weeks, the value of Qtum (QTUM) had surged by over 20,000%. Quite profitable! But it feels like you missed outL. Well, here is the good news, you didn’tJ. You can still invest in Qtum right now and make a ton load of money. That’s because its philosophy is that of perfection, and a forward-thinking approach to the blockchain. Let’s dwell further on this, and give you an idea of why Qtum is a great investment.

  1. It combines the best of Ethereum and bitcoin

Ethereum is designed to run smart contracts, which makes it a very flexible platform. Unfortunately, it has some serious and unresolved security vulnerabilities. On its part, the bitcoin network is highly secure considering that it was designed to be used as a currency, but it has flexibility and scalability problems.

Now imagine a blockchain platform that combines the best of these two cryptos, by incorporating the flexibility of Ethereum with the high security of bitcoin! That would be a game changer right? Well, Qtum (QUTM) does exactly that! It is designed with the high flexibility of Ethereum and the impeccable security of bitcoin at its core. Through the Qtum network, developers can build highly secure decentralized applications that can be used by financial institutions among other corporations. This gives Qtum the potential for wide-scale adoption, especially at the enterprise level by corporations looking to take advantage of blockchain technology.

  1. Qtum (QTUM) has the answer to Ethereum’s scalability problems

While Ethereum has been a major hit with developers looking to deploy decentralized applications, it has also had a serious scalability problem that developers are yet to fully resolve.  Qtum seems to be ahead of the curve on this front. By making use of a decentralized governance protocol, Qtum can easily be adjusted to easily deal with any needs to scale at any given point in time.

Once more developers adopt it on the basis of its scalability capabilities, expect its value to shoot up. In fact, on this basis alone, you can argue that Qtum is way underpriced, when compared to Ethereum which is, by far technologically inferior.

  1. Qtum is ideal for mobile applications

When it comes to decentralization, you can be sure that the future is mobile. Whichever decentralized platform allows for light-weight applications that are optimized for mobile is guaranteed to carry the day. Now this also happens to be Qtum’s forte. Qtum uses the UTXO approach to blockchain that is meant to allow for smart contracts that can run efficiently on mobile devices. UTXO also allows for the deployment of lightweight applications that can work well on IoT devices. In essence, Qtum is positioned in a high growth area of blockchain technology, and that’s mobile Dapps. This alone makes Qtum a highly undervalued, high growth crypto.

  1. Qtum has some interesting partnerships

The team behind Qtum seems to have a knack for the future, and this is evident in their partnership with Spacechain, a project that wants to take data storage into space. This project aims to take data storage, which to a large extent would make the recent moves by governments to regulate cryptocurrencies irrelevant. If this pays off, expect it to push the value of Qtum (QTUM) to the stratosphere.



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