Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now and make 2 million+ US Dollars

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As one of the world’s most robust blockchain technology, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the best crypto coins to invest in. Its prices are known to experience manger price movements which just makes it a perfect choice especially for trading.

Bitcoin Cash blockchain technology has increased transaction speeds compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and it network is free from congestion and slow down. It is also among the cheapest cryptocurrency networks where users send funds for just pennies.

Some of the features which make Bitcoin cash a marvel are:

  • On chain scalability

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) offers an adjustable block size, contrary to the former Bitcoin (BTC) block size of 8M.

  • New SigHash transaction signature

This is a new feature for protecting replies in order to ensure that wallets are secure. It also eradicates the problem of quadratic hashing.

  • Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA)

This is an added feature different from the Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work.  It allows miners to move away from Bitcoin with an assured protection from fluctuations of the hash rates.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price

Since its release, the value of Bitcoin Cash has been on a constant rise till 20th December, 2017 where it seems to have hit a resistance level. However, it hit an all-time high of $4,355.62 USD per token, before starting to depreciate.

The coin has seen a major decline going as low as $784 USD per token on 6th February, 2018. This shows that the coin has depreciated by 82%, which is a major decline in prices.

Its prices have gone down to what they were in the beginning of November 2017.

There are no major events which can be said to contribute to the sharp decline in the prices of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and we hope that that is the lowest it is going to get.

Over the period of the past one month, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a major drop in prices after a spontaneous rise in prices over the December period.

However, the BCH price has started showing some signs of regaining its lost glory. The trend seems to be changing to an uptrend. For the last 3 days continuously, the price of the Bitcoin Cash has risen by about 58% to sell at $1,241.60 USD per token.

This is good news for investors since this is the time to buy the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If you buy it at the current price and anticipate it to get back above $4,000 USD, you will make around $2,759 USD per token.

If you decide to buy a 1000 tokens, then you make your cool $2,759,000 USD. This is how successful investors make money!


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