3 Reasons EOS (EOS) About to Skyrocket

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3 Reasons EOS (EOS) Is About to Skyrocket

Ethereum has managed to move from pennies on the dollar to its current price of close to $1000. Well, it was already past $1000 before the crypto market went south. That’s quite a feat for a smart contracts platform that has some serious scalability issues. Its growth is testament to the fact that the market is yearning for decentralization, and whoever can deliver that, and do so efficiently, will be rewarded. Well, that solution is here with us, The EOS (EOS) will be the ultimate king when it comes to smart contracts, and here is why!

  1. It was built with scalability in mind

EOS (EOS) came way after bitcoin and Ethereum. It came after blockchain technology had been tested in the markets for some time, and its key weaknesses exposed. One of the biggest problems that faces most blockchain platforms, especially the Ethereum smart contracts platform is that of scalability. This coin seems to have solved this problem quite successfully.

That’s because the EOS system is designed to handle millions of transactions per second. This is exceptional because it means corporations can build enterprise level decentralized applications using it.  EOS has hacked the whole essence of blockchain technology, and that’s large-scale decentralization. On this basis, you can bet that it will soon become the standard for corporations looking to build smart contracts.

  1. It is user-focused

This is one of the greatest aspects of EOS.  The platform is designed to allow users launch and run blockchain programs without incurring any direct costs. That’s because anyone can run such applications on the EOS (EOS) platform, can do so without any servers.

Now that’s the true meaning of decentralization. It will take blockchain to the masses, hence positioning this platform as king on the smart contracts front. Think about it for a minute.  Ethereum with all its scalability flaws has managed to hit valuations of over $1000. How much do you think EOS, a coin that is designed with scalability at its core, will be worth? This is one of those coins that could easily hit values of $10000 and above in coming years.

  1. It allows developers to freeze and fix broken applications

Imagine a scenario where developers can identify a problem in a decentralized application, and solve it in real time.  That would give improve application efficacy on the user end, right?  Well, EOS intends to achieve this by incorporating the upcoming web assembly in its blockchain. By combining fast transaction speeds, a user-focused blockchain, and now this quick debugging system, EOS is simply ahead of the pack in the smart contracts arena.
Where to buy EOS

EOS (EOS) has great potential for growth, no question about it! So where do you buy it, before it outprices you? Well, there are several exchanges where you can buy and trade in EOS, including the big ones such as Bitfinex and Binance. Once you buy it, you can store it in MyEtherWallet or hardware wallets such as Trezor. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the security of your EOS coins once you buy them. All you have to do is wait for its price to appreciate and make you rich!




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