Emercoin (EMC): The practical coin for non-techies

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Emercoin (EMC): The practical coin for non-techies

As the crypto market settles after a major speculative wave, one thing is guaranteed. Going into the future, high growth cryptos will be those that offer services that non-techies need, in a manner that they easily understand. Forget about all the technical words thrown around in crypto space that the layman never understands.

The future is in blockchain platforms that give power of blockchain to the layman. One such coin is Emercoin (EMC). This coin solves the problems that ordinary people deal with on a day-to-day basis, in a way that they understand, and that’s why it is poised to grow. Let’s dwell further on it to give you a clear picture as to why Emercoin is the crypto for the masses, and why this makes it a good investment.

  1. Emercoin provides digital proof-of-ownership services

Any musician will tell you that earnings in the music industry have been dwindling over the years due to internet piracy.  Emercoin (EMC) allows musicians to solve this problem by themselves on the blockchain. All they have to do is join the Emercoin platform, and their music content will be protected using blockchain technology.

No one can use their music without permission, and the system is immutable. That’s a practical product that serves the need of the artist while at the same time giving value to Emercoin. Sounds great, right? Well, it doesn’t just apply to music, but to other day-to-day processes as well.  For instance, the Emercoin platform can be used to provide proof-of-ownership for other services such as land titles and vehicles. Once people get to learn that these ownership issues can be solved with EMC coin, you can be sure that its value will grow going into the future.

  1. Emercoin is taking the blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) approach

As currently constituted, blockchain technology is designed for use by techies. Very few people can do anything meaningful with many of the blockchain platforms in the market right now, even though they are very powerful. Yes, Ethereum may be a powerful platform, but only those who understand solidity, can do anything meaningful with it. That’s why, most people investing in cryptocurrencies right now are doing so purely for speculative reasons.

Now imagine how big of a deal it would be, if people who have no technical expertise can take advantage of blockchain technology to make their lives better. It would be great value anchor, right? Well, Emercoin (EMC) seems to have hacked this, through the blockchain-as-a- service approach.

This approach allows anyone to pay for blockchain services, and have them delivered through the Emerson platform. Emerson has done this through collaboration with Microsoft’s Azuri, whereby such services will be offered through the cloud. This is a revolutionary approach to blockchain because it will open it up to the majority, people who only hear of blockchain, but can do very little of value with it. This opening up of the benefits of blockchain technology to the masses will be a great anchor to Emercoin’s value going into the future.

  1. Emercoin solves the ever growing issue of network security

After the ‘wannacry’ malware hit computers across the world, most people became aware of the realities of network vulnerability. Emercoin is using blockchain technology to solve this problem by providing blockchain based authentication including online protection that doesn’t require passwords. Besides, all this is offered as a cloud service, which means you don’t have to develop such security infrastructure from scratch.  You can bet that this will play a critical role in anchoring the value of Emercoin (EMC) going into the future.



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