4 reasons why Lisk (LSK) will hit $100 in 2018!

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4 reasons why Lisk (LSK) will hit $100 in 2018!

Lisk is one of those coins that have the potential to make you rich in 2018. It literally has everything going for it. From its fundamentals to the perceptive value, everything about this coin screams BUY! Just to give you that extra confidence needed before committing your money in Lisk (LSK), let’s go through 4 reasons why this coin could hit $100 in a few months.

  1. The upcoming rebranding is big news!

News, whether good or bad, have a major impact on the crypto market. The tremendous rise of bitcoin in December 2017 on the news of a futures listing is a good example of the power of news. Lisk (LSK) is in a similar position right now. The crypto will be rebranding on the 20th of February, and this news is already out. The expectation is that the Lisk development team will provide a new and better strategic direction for this crypto. This is the best time to invest in this coin and await the news. Even a valuation of over $100 is not unexpected once the rebranding news come out.

  1. Lisk’s concept is revolutionary

Lisk is designed to solve the scalability problems that plagues the Ethereum smart contracts platform. That’s because it allows developers to deploy their own blockchains written in the commonly available JavaScript programming language.  Through this concept, Lisk (LSK) is guaranteed to take a significant market share of consumer applications, such as those related to social networking. As more developers pivot towards this platform pivot towards this platform, expect its price to grow exponentially. This could easily see its price get to over $100.

  1. It has good trading volumes

When it comes to trading altcoins, one of the things one should give serious consideration is the trading volumes.  This is usually a sign of investor confidence in a crypto, and with that the potential to grow in value. In the case of Lisk, the crypto is enjoying healthy trading volumes on a daily basis. In fact, its trading volumes have been going up exponentially since it was launched.  With the upcoming rebranding, you can expect trading volumes to spike in the next few weeks.

This buying pressure will significantly push this crypto up by a good margin. If its price rose from around a dollar in July 2017 to a price of $20 in December, it is not hard to imagine this spike in demand to push to the price to rise to over $100 once coin is rebranded and the team comes up with an even better vision.

  1. The price has corrected by a huge margin

If there is anything that the crypto market has taught us in the last few years, it is that every time prices collapse, they always come back stronger. In the case of Lisk (LSK), the price has collapsed from around $39 to its current of $22. This price drop is likely to attract value-investors as they seek to take advantage, by stocking up on this coin.  This will push up demand, and once the market rebounds, expect this crypto to hit over $100 in coming months!




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