Xplay (XPA) is genius! It’s growth in anchored on human emotions

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Xplay is genius! It’s growth in anchored on human emotions

Xplay (XPA) is one of those cryptos that have tapped the most important factor to growth, and that’s human emotion! No matter how good and laid back people appear, there is always a side to them that it is into the extreme, and ofcourse, the naughty. Whoever feeds these emotional needs makes money!  Xplay seems to have got this right by creating a system that feeds these needs in a manner that it has never been done before. Here’s how:

  1. It incorporates AI in understanding user preference

This is probably one of the most valuable aspects of Xplay (XPA). Using AI, Xplay studies a user’s preferences to give them the adult entertainment that is most in line with their needs.  This is a big deal! People will get hooked to this system since it will continuously select for them entertainment that gives them the most mental pleasure.

In short, Xplay is a like a mind-reader that is working behind the scenes to fulfil your needs. That’s a bigger value driver than many other factors that are used to gauge the value of a cryptocurrency. You can rest assured that as more people get hooked to Xplay, its value will go up.


  1. It incorporates internet privacy in adult entertainment

One of the things that makes people jittery about adult entertainment, is someone tracking it back to them. It feels kinda shameful, because you are always sure that your ISP is aware of it, even if you are using a VPN. Xplay has eliminated this problem by using the privacy features that come with blockchain technology. This guarantees people, especially those who feel ashamed of getting caught watching adult content the security of watching without fear. How this will impact the value of Xplay (XPA) is anyone’s guess. You can be sure that the number of people using Xplay will explode, and so will its value.

  1. It allows for interactive content

Now imagine a system where people can; not only watch adult content with ultimate privacy, but also interact with the content owner? That’s the pinnacle of human emotion, because it would trigger people to get out their most hidden sides without fear.  Well, that’s exactly what Xplay (XPA) does.  Xplay allows content creators to interact live with their viewers while protected by the privacy of the blockchain! This is guaranteed to pull in many users in the system, and the result will be a rise in its value. Think of it like a system where people are given the cover of darkness to do whatever they want, while sure that no one is judging them!

  1. It has a unique digital signature for each content file

On top of the ability to watch whatever adult content you want without guilt, Xplay makes sure that each content file is attributable to the owner, who then makes money through the blockchain. That’s guaranteed to bring in lots of users trying to become celebrities and make some money from it. Think of it like the game that got kids hooked in the movie Nerve.  That’s definitely a solid anchor for Xplay (XPA) growth, and could make it the bitcoin of 2018 in terms of exponential value growth.



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