The perception of African instability will grow Abjcoin (ABJ)!

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The perception of African instability will grow Abjcoin!

When analyzing a crypto coin, what do you look for? You probably focus on issues such as the number of coins in supply, transaction speeds among others. However, Abjcoin (ABJ) is probably one of those coins that will not grow because of such fundamentals but rather because of the instability, real or perceived, that plagues the African continent. Here’s why!

  1. It eliminate the use of African fiat currencies in trade

Africa is growing, and its institutions are growing stronger by the day. Unfortunately, this growth is not fast enough, and holding assets in African fiat presents a risk to investors. Take Zimbabwe for example. Due to political reasons, investors who put their money in that country saw their investments disappear with nothing much to do.

The Zimbabwean dollar basically became a worthless piece of paper within 10 years! With the fear of such incidences recurring, investors will be keen to adopt Abjcoin (ABJ). That’s because it offers a means of asset valuation and transfer that is outside of the control of African governments. On this basis alone, you can bet that the value of Abjcoin will skyrocket. The perception that African fiat currencies are unstable is a key pillar to its value growth.

  1. It allows for trade in unstable African nations

Africa may not be the most stable continent on the planet, but believe it or not, it is also one of the continent’s that offer the greatest return to investors. That’s why foreign governments and multinational corporations are always present in Africa, even in the most unstable of countries.

Now imagine a situation where the average investor, one without political influence, can invest in Africa without losing their money? That would be a jackpot, right? That’s exactly what Abjcoin will facilitate.  That’s because this coin has an escrow system that can aid in risk-free trade within Africa, and between Africa and the rest of the world. This factor alone is enough to give this coin exponential value growth, given that individuals looking for above average returns will flock to use this coin, as a tool for safeguarding their investments on the African continent.

  1. It will attract Africa’s wealthiest looking to move wealth from the continent

Africa has very wealthy individuals. Whether that wealth is all legal or illegal is a story for another day. Anyway, given that the continent is always prone to political issues, it is obvious that a wealthy person in Africa would want to move wealth from the continent without attracting blackmail or other forms of intimidation from corrupt government officials.

That’s where Abjcoin (ABJ)comes in. This coin allows for anonymous transactions through the blockchain. Of course there are many other cryptos that can do that, Verge being one of them, but this is the only one that is focused on the African continent.  If this coin becomes the primary mode of wealth transfer by Africa’s wealthy individuals, and you can bet it will, expect it to shoot up in value, and enjoy consistent growth in the long-run. Basically, this is a coin that will derive its value from the perceived instability of the African continent coupled, with the enormous opportunities that exist on that continent.


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