Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts are here to stay: So is Quantstamp (QSP)

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Ethereum smart contracts are here to stay: So is Quantstamp (QSP)

We are all sure that Ethereum (ETH) is one of those blockchain platforms that will survive in the long run.  Even as countries are jittery about other cryptos, there seems to be a consensus that Ethereum will get adopted as a tool for enhancing operational efficiency.  On top of that, it is through Ethereum that hundreds of highly innovative tokens are hitting the market with each coming day.

Ok, so how does all this connect with the growth potential of Quantstamp (QSP)? Well, it’s simple! Quantstamp has positioned itself as the auditor to new coins, developed through the Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts platform.  Essentially, it is designed to check for any security issues, before a coin hits the market.  That’s a strong value anchor for Quantstamp, and here is why.

  1. Its demand will grow with the growth of ICOs

Forget China banning ICOs and other countries being jittery about them, ICOs are here to stay. That’s because innovative people will continually find problems that can be solved using blockchain technology. And that’s where Quantstamp will draw its greatest value. As ICO founders seek to bring to the market coins that are free of vulnerabilities that can compromise their credibility, they will require the services of Quantstamp (QSP). This will push up the demand for this token, and with increased demand comes a growth in price. That’s why you should expect the value of this token to grow with the growth of the Ethereum smart contracts platform.

  1. The Ethereum platform has been hit by bugs in the past

In 2017, more than $280 million was lost through a bug in the Ethereum platform. As the smart contracts platform continues to grow, you can be sure that bugs, glitches and hacking attacks will persist. This makes Quantstamp an essential to the Ethereum (ETH) platform, and as we all know, anytime a product becomes a necessity in a fast growth industry, the result is usually an increase in value. It’s just how the laws of demand and supply work.

  1. The ICO space is in need of quality certification

While there are good ICOs out there, many of them are low-quality or outright scams. Unfortunately, the average investor has no clear way of telling a good ICO from a bad one. That’s why this market is in need of some form of quality certification, and it’s exactly what Quantstamp (QSP) offers. By auditing and giving guidelines on the quality of tokens before they hit the market, you can be sure that its services will become a quality standard for token launches in the near future. Such adoption has the potential to push QSP to unprecedented price levels.

Where to buy Quantstamp (QSP)

Clearly, Quantstamp has everything going for it, for as long as there are smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.  It is one of those coins which one can buy-and-hold without any fears that it will fade away.  Check it out any of the exchanges where it’s listed, and invest!


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