Centra (CTR) is a crypto game changer!

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Centra (CTR) is a crypto game changer!

As things stand, cryptocurrencies are missing one vital link that can truly make them currencies, and that’s the usability part. For instance, if you hold bitcoins, what can you do with them, other than speculate? Pretty much nothing! That’s part of the reason why cryptos are so volatile right now, with unprecedented booms and crashes characterizing the market. However, this is about to come to an end, all thanks to Centra (CTR).

 What is Centra?

Centra is a cryptocurrency wallet that is linked to a debit card. It allows users to spend most of the major cryptos such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash among others anywhere they are accepted.  Centra (CTR) is doing this globally, which means holders of the Centra debit card can spend their cryptos all across the world, and at no cost at all.

Why Centra is a crypto game changer

  1. It will tamper speculation

If you have been trading cryptos then you know that people rarely spend their coins. They only speculate hoping to grow the value of their crypto assets. Unfortunately, this will never do cryptos any justice in the long-run.  That’s because cryptos will perpetually be tied to fiat, yet the whole point of cryptos being currency is for them to have value on their own.

The only way they can achieve this is for people to start spending them. For instance, right now the market is bearish. What if one could use their cryptos to buy physical assets, rather than just converting and holding onto fiat, hoping for the market to recover, then restart the speculation game all over again? That would give them some form of intrinsic value, right? Well, this is what Centra (CTR) is aiming for, through the Centra debit card. It aims to achieve this by allowing people to spend their coins, with ease. Once fully adopted, it will bring out the true value of the different cryptos in the market.

  1. It is building an Amazon-like store

Even if you wanted to spend your cryptos today, there are very few places you can do so.  That’s because only a handful of stores across the world accept crypto payments. Now imagine if there was a global online store where you could make all your purchases in cryptos, just like you do on Amazon with your dollars? That would open up the crypto market in a big way because, it would give crypto investors a chance to buy some tangible assets using their crypto wealth. Besides, more people would come into the crypto market knowing that they can access great deals on the Centra store, deals that they can’t access if they are holding fiat.  Once operational, expect this to push up the value of Centra by an enviable margin.

  1. Where to buy Centra (CTR)

For you to gain access to the Centra platform, and enjoy the ability to spend your cryptos with a debit card, you need to first buy Centra tokens. These tokens are listed on several of the big exchanges, including Binance.  Access to this platform is a must if you want an efficient, and cost-effective way to receive and spend cryptos. .




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