ICO Bluzelle (BLZ) listed on Binance

I considered that this project is promising because of fundamentals and technicals reasons and i think that it can become on of the top in next years as cryptocurrency market grows and today i want to share with you my point of view:

Fundamental analysis:

Bluzelle (BLZ) technology is a decentralized database that allows dApp developers to get high performance, reliability and scalability.

Why is this necessary? Scale dApp  developers create an application using the technology of forming chains with the use of cloud databases to support them. Bluzelle  technology allows you to store small pieces of data on groups of swarms around the world. The algorithm of Bluzelle is built so that it can store data in a unique network model. It does not depend on data centers and allows you to scale database services.

The market volume of Bluzelle (BLZ) services is large and growing rapidly. It is expected that the cloud database market and database as a service (DBaaS) will grow from CAGR by 67.3 percent to 14.05 billion by 2019.

Technical analysis:

The sale of tokens began from January 18 to January 20 in two days collected $19500000. This shows that a lot of people believe in this technology and there is a great demand and hype for the company  tokens. The location in 0.685 ETH was at a price of 0.00012 ETH.

On February 6, Bluzelle listed on Binance exchange and I watched the price movement and waited for the opportunity to buy coins, because for me 0.685 ETH is a small location and I wanted to use more capital in this ICO. When I saw the technical entry point I added to my position at a price of 0.00063100 ETH.

From the point of view of technical analysis, Bluezelle (BLZ) is now in an uptrend, my first target zone is 0.00164157-0.00160000 ETH.


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