Strong fundamentals will drive up (POE) Soon

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Strong fundamentals will drive up in 2018

The crypto market is in uncertain territory right now.  Negative news are pushing prices down by the day. This has led some experts to start speculating that this is the end of the crypto market.

In my view, what we are witnessing is the sieving of “shitcoins” from the market.  When the market returns to normal, you can rest assured that only the best coins will survive, and one of the coins you can count on is (POE)
What is (POE) is a cryptocurrency that utilizes the blockchain technology to give content creators power over their content. It gives content creators the ability to monetize their content, by selling it directly to consumers, as well as licensing it to anyone who would like to use it.

Why I am all for

There are several reasons why I am vouching for the long-term value growth of this coin. Let’s go through some of them, and you will discover why this little-known coin is a gem for value investors.

  1. It has come at an interesting time for the publishing industry

The publishing industry has been on a downward spiral in the last few decades, thanks to the rise of the internet.  While this has been bad news for media companies, it has actually given individual content creators the ability to shine, outside of the corporate umbrella. Unfortunately, monetizing that content is a challenge in an open internet, where monetizing content is an uphill task. eliminates this problem by creating a trustless, immutable system where the content creator is in full control over how their content is used. In short, (POE) has come at a time when there is a serious need by content creators to monetize content sustainably. This will play a key role in pushing up POE coin value in the long-run.

  1. It has a serious team behind it

You can tell the long-term value of a cryptocurrency by the quality of the team behind it. A quick look at the team behind gives me the impression that this is a great coin that is worth holding for the long run. The team is made up of great people like Anthony Di Lorio of the Ethereum platform, and David Bailey from BTC Inc. These are people who have a reputation to maintain, and would not stake their names in a coin that doesn’t have great future growth potential. This is part of the reason why I have great faith in this coin.

  1. It has the potential to diversify

A critical look at the whole concept of can tell you that it can easily be branched out to include things like video streaming and music. These are two areas of the creative industry where artists are losing money due to piracy, and extensive market control by corporations. If at some point artists can use to control their video content, this could substantially push up the value of POE coin. Clearly, (POE) is a great coin to buy and hold.


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