IOTA (MIOTA) partners with one of the giant countries in Asia

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IOTA partners with one of the giant countries in Asia

Taiwan, one of the giants of Asia, has noticed IOTA (MIOTA). In actual sense, it is the tangle technology used in the blockchain of the crypto in which authorities of Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, are interested. The city wants to become a digital city. And they have recognized that they can achieve this by using blockchain technology.

The choice of IOTA by the authorities of the capital city of a quite developed country for a partnership is a great booster to the IOTA Foundation. It points out that IOTA cryptocurrency has an excellent blockchain network.

What Taipei authorities want from IOTA (MIOTA)

The main objective of joining hands with IOTA is to make the city technologically better. So as to attain this, the authorities have spotted a new technology among the blockchains of cryptocurrencies, known as the tangle technology, which is a product of IOTA cryptocurrency.

IOTA is to do a number of things for the residents like TangleID and other services.

Using the tangle technology to create an ID card for the people who live in Taipei. This card will be known as “TangleID”. It is a smart card that will be keeping records of the health history of an individual as well as other data related to other government services. Hence, the TangleID will help eradicate the identity problem and also stop irregularities during voting.

There is also another project where the residents will acquire a smart card fitted with sensors to monitor the weather aspects like temperature and humidity. This will give the residents accurate information on the weather. In addition, the card will also be able to detect pollutants in the environment thus informing the user about how much the surrounding is polluted. This may seem like a fairy tale but it is happening and it is real. It just goes to show the power of IOTA’s Tangle technology.

Benefits to IOTA (MIOTA) investors

The adoption of IOTA in Taipei is a great step forward for the IOTA foundation. This shows that the tangle technology can solve real life problems in the real world.

Firstly, Taipei is home to more than two million people. By exposing such a large number of people to the tangle technology, it offers the cryptocurrency a large pool of possible investors which will certainly boost the foundation.

Also, it requires great trust to be elected by a capital city among more than 600 cryptocurrency companies. This will also go a long way in creating a good image for the IOTA. In so doing in will attract investors also from the rest of the world.

Once the project becomes a success, investors should anticipate for a rise of even the value of IOTA (MIOTA) tokens. It has a great future ahead and this is the cryptocurrency to invest in for long term. Who knows! It might be a pilot project awaiting implementation in the whole of Taiwan.


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