4 reasons why Viacoin (VIA) is an excellent investment in 2018!

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4 reasons why Viacoin is an excellent investment in 2018!

The crypto market is down, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a great buying opportunity for investors. But which are the best coin’s to pick for exceptional future returns? One of the coins that you can invest in right now and expect great returns in the future is Viacoin (VIA). This coin has everything that makes for a value-growth cryptocurrency.  Just to remove any shadow of doubt about VIA coin from your mind, let’s go though some of the reasons why Viacoin is a great buy if you want exceptional growth in 2018.

  1. Viacoin (VIA) has a limited supply

In economics, part of the reason why prices go up or down is the supply. Unless in some peculiar cases, the lower the supply of a commodity relative to its demand, the higher the price. That’s because demand is forced to scramble for limited goods. Cryptocurrencies are no exception to this rule, and VIA coin is pretty good on this parameter.  Viacoin has a capped supply of 23 million coins. This is quite a limited number, and as demand grows based on Viacoin’s other features, you can expect the price to skyrocket.

  1. It has super-Fast transactions

For a cryptocurrency to be truly usable as a currency, it has to have faster transaction speeds, than what it currently in the market. That’s part of the reason why bitcoin, the premier crypto has faced adoption challenges. Luckily for Viacoin investors, the team behind this coin has worked around this problem quite successfully. They have been so successful that VIA coin has transaction speeds of up to 25 times those of bitcoin. This makes it one of the fastest and most efficient cryptos out there. You can bet that this will play a role in pushing up Viacoin, heading into the future.

  1. It is highly scalable

Anyone who tried buying bitcoin at its peak demand in December 2017 knows how slow the process was, in terms of transaction confirmations.  Transactions could take up to 20 hours to get confirmed. That’s a scalability problem that bitcoin and other major cryptos are yet to successfully solve.  The good news for Viacoin (VIA) holders is that Viacoin already has this problem sorted out, through the lightening network. Lightening allows for off-chain instant transaction making VIA coin highly scalable, and transactions extremely cheap. Since scalability will continue to be an issue with increased adoption of cryptocurrencies, expect it to play a role in pushing up it’s price, especially when combined with other factors, such as its capped supply.

  1. Viacoin is very secure

Security is a major problem for most cryptocurrencies. Cases of hackings are rife in this industry. Viacoin is one of the cryptos that stand out when it comes to security of transactions. It has achieved this through a system where transactions are broadcast from a wallet only once. This makes it impossible for hackers’ to hijack the process and link the IP back to your wallet.  Since people want to transact in cryptos in which they feel like their money is secure, you can be sure that the value of Viacoin will grow concurrently with a higher adoption of crypto currencies.
Where to buy Viacoin

Viacoin sounds like a great investment, right? So where can you buy it? Well, you can buy Viacoin (VIA) in any of the following exchanges:

  • Bittrex
  • POSWallet
  • Poloniex
  • Yobit

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