INS Ecosystem (INS) An Investment in the Grocery Industry Revolution

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INS Ecosystem (INS) An Investment in the Grocery Industry Revolution

Groceries are big business, with projections estimating that this market will hit $8 trillion by 2020. Unfortunately, this market is controlled by a few large corporations, which allows them to overcharge consumers and underpay producers. Now imagine if this inefficiency can be tackled using blockchain technology? That would be huge, right? Well, that’s exactly what INS Ecosystem (INS)  has done.

INS Ecosystem has used blockchain technology to disrupt the grocery market and eliminate retailers from the food chain. This is practically the disruption of the century and could see INS coin hit unprecedented price levels in 2018 and beyond.  Let’s look at the key pillars that will support INS Ecosystem’s growth throughout the year.

For starters, through the INS token, consumers can interact directly with manufacturers and dictate to them what they want. Essentially, this means that groceries will be way cheaper since there are no middlemen in between introducing unnecessary costs to the system. That’s a big incentive for consumers to adopt the INS coin, an adoption that will serve to push up its value.
Another benefit that INS Ecosystem (INS) offers to consumers that is pivotal to its value is that of speed in access to groceries. While buying groceries online isn’t that slow right now, it’s not operating at its optimum.  The large scale retailers selling groceries have long supply chains that means groceries can take time before they reach the consumer.

However, with the disruptive power of INS Ecosystem, consumers can order groceries online, directly from the many producers in the market. This process is fast since there are no middlemen involved, and also guarantees consumers fresh groceries. Clearly, this is practical and disruptive aspect to INS Ecosystem that is guaranteed to anchor its value growth both now, and in the long-run.
The INS Ecosystem (INS) is also quite valuable to manufacturers. It gives them total control over what they produce, as well as how they price it. This allows them to cut on costs as well as develop customized relationships with their customers. Given that control over product and pricing has the potential to grow producer profit margins, it is not hard to see why they will be keen to adopt INS Ecosystem as they get to learn about it. This is guaranteed to push up the price of INS coin, as demand increases against a capped supply of 50 million coins.
Producers will also be keen to use the INS platform as a tool to improve on their product offering based on the feedback that comes from direct interaction with the customer. This is a treasure for producers since customer feedback is key to improving product quality and sales. On this basis, grocery producers are likely to take a keen interest in INS Ecosystem once they learn of how it works. This will, in turn, play a role in creating positive hype around this coin, which will help push up its value.
The value growth of INS Ecosystem (INS) is also anchored on the fact that it is listed on multiple major exchanges.  This is definitely a coin worth buying. It could easily hit the top ten and play in the same league as Bitcoin and Ethereum!


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