Gu JianLiang will play a huge role in Vechain (VEN) near term growth

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Gu JianLiang will play a huge role in Vechain (VEN) near-term growth

Vechain (VEN) has positioned itself as the go-to platform when it comes to efficiency in the global supply chain. It is the platform that will probably put an end to issues such as counterfeit products, as well as unfair labor practices. But there is another aspect to Vechain that is guaranteed to also push up its value in the long run, and that’s the IoT aspect to it.  The platform is so keen on integrating the internet of things technology into its systems that it has hired one of the world’s best experts in hardware devices, Gu JianLiang, as its chief technology officer. The entry of Mr. Gu is likely to play a key role in Vechain’s next phase of growth, and here is why.

  1. He has the networks to influence Vechain adoption

When it comes to cryptos, the strength of a coin is usually as strong as the team behind it. The more powerful it is, the better for a coin’s growth. Now imagine how big of an impact Mr. Gu is likely to bring to Vechain (VEN). This is a person who has worked as technology director for a company as large as TCL & Alcatel, as well as designed hardware devices for companies like AT&T. Through his influence and networks, you can rest assured that he will push for the adoption of Vechain into supply chains of some of the companies that he has worked for in the past. Imagine if a company like AT&T or Alcatel were to adopt Vechain, the value growth of the VEN token would be unbelievable. It would see double digits within a few days.

  1. IoT integration would a huge boost for Vechain (VEN)

IoT is big, given that devices are getting smarter by the day.  That’s pretty much why coins such as IOTA have experienced good growth in the last few months. Now imagine how big it would be, if a platform that makes global supply chains efficient also adopts IoT. That would give Vechain unprecedented control over the global electronics market, and you know what that means, right? It means the price of VEN coin would push up to levels you can’t imagine right now.  The good news is that this will most likely become a reality soon, with Mr. Gu as the chief technology officer. This is a man who has over 18 years working with hardware, which means integrating Vechain into IoT devices won’t be a hard nut to crack for him.  Just watch this space!

  1. He has secured patents for Vechain

Like mentioned earlier, the team behind a coin is important to its success, and Mr. Gu is proving this true for Vechain. In his short stint at the company, he has already secured several patents for the platform, with several others coming up. Once they are approved, you can rest assured that the value of Vechain (VEN) will explode. The future is bright for VEN coin! It makes sense to accumulate as much of it as you can and HODL.



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