Wings (WINGS) coin is the next big crypto coin

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WINGS coin is the next big crypto coin

There is a new crypto coin in the market; the Wings (WINGS) coin. Wings coin is the token used in the WINGS DAO alpha platform. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. DAO alpha platform brings a new aspect to cryptocurrency where users can participate in DAO management, forecasting, crowdfunding as well as marketing.

The WINGS cryptocurrency is quite a new blockchain network. It was released in May, 2017; meaning it has not even spent a year in the crypto market.

The WINGS DAO alpha platform is built on an Ethereum technology. This gives it the energy it requires to create an amazing cryptocurrency network.

Uses of the Wings (WINGS) token

The WINGS Token is used in the WINGS community. The token generally allows the members of the community to select and scrutinize the ICOs. The members can then forecast success of the funding proposals of the accepted projects in exchange for rewards.

The WINGS Token is also available on a number of exchanges, including Liqui and Brittex. Therefore, investors can trade the WING crypto coin by buying and selling it against other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. The most traded pairs in this case are the WINGS/ETHEREUM, WINGS/BITCOIN and WINGS/USDT.

WINGS price

The maximum supply of WINGS coins is set at 100,000,000. Currently, the total coin in circulation is 89,708,333 WINGS; meaning the target was just about 11,000,000 WINGS away.

The current market cap of the coin is $66,984,674 USD equivalent to 7,947 BTC. This is a great improvement and an indicator that the coin is headed for a great future.

Wings (WINGS) price has, however experienced a decline just as the case with the rest of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. After the sudden upsurge in prices in December where the WINGS coin reached an all-time high of $2.58 UD per single WING token.

For the better part of January, 2018, the coin has seen a major decline in the prices and it seems it is headed for the previous price of $0.5 USD per Token before the upsurge in December. This should not be too much alarming unless you had placed a buy at all-time High. In any normal financial market, the market prices tend to correct sudden market movements after which the prices may resume the initial bullish trend.

Features of WINGS Cryptocurrency

·      Rewards for forecasting on project proposals

The WINGS holders participate in forecasting project proposals and earn tokens in the process. The projects are affecting the WINGS platform. Developers submit proposals on the WINGS and through the normal crowdfunding, the investors who hold WINGS tokens can invest in the project by forecasting on the project proposal and later earn a share of the profits once the project is complete. The share of the profits is normally distributed using smart contracts.

In this way the projects are easily funded and the investors can bank on the coin for making money.

·      The WINGS DAO community

The users of the WINGS coin register in a community where they get to vote on which project proposals should be listed for the investors to invest in. The holders get to vote according to their share.

This gives wings (WINGS) users the power to decide and manage the projects undertaken on the WINGS DAO platform.


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