Thinking long-term value? Think ZCash (ZEC)

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Thinking long-term value? Think ZCash (ZEC)

For as long as I can remember, wealthy individuals have been trying to store their wealth away from the preying eyes of governments. That’s why Switzerland has been such an attractive destination for wealthy individuals for the last couple of decades. It could also be the reason why the country is very peaceful.

You know, the wealthy would not want their money destroyed in warJ. Anyway, as safe haven destinations increasingly come under scrutiny from governments, where do you think high net worth individuals will look to? They will head to cryptos, privacy cryptos to be specific!

One of the cryptos that will become a beneficiary of a move by the wealthy into cryptos is ZCash (ZEC). That’s because this coin is designed with user privacy in mind, and utilizes an unrivalled privacy technology to execute its transactions. ZCash makes use of the highly advanced zero-knowledge proof verification technology that doesn’t reveal either the origin of money, or its destination on the blockchain. This is way more advanced than the privacy technology that is employed by other privacy coins such as Monero. With this edge, it doesn’t take much to see that as more high net worth individuals get to learn of it, its value will grow exponentially.
However, it’s not just the privacy aspect that will push up the value of ZCash (ZEC), the coin is also quite attractive because it mirrors bitcoin in many aspects. If you have been following bitcoin for some time now then you know that consensus is building up that it is more of a store of value, than a currency.

Now imagine a coin that carries this very important aspect of bitcoin and combines it with privacy, that’s a gem right? That’s what ZEC Coin does! That’s why there is no doubt that ZCash is poised to replace offshore bank accounts such as those offered by Switzerland.  After all, these destinations are already losing their attractiveness due to increased pressure from governments across the world, so you can be sure that once the rich get to learn of a better alternative, they will flock towards it.
Famous comedian Chris Rock once said that, “if poor people knew how rich, rich people are, there would be riots.” No seriously, that’s reality not comedy! The amount of money that the richest people in the world hold is mind boggling, and a good percentage of it flows into offshore bank accounts.

Now imagine what would happen if this money, even a slight percentage of it, starts flowing into ZCash? The value of ZEC coin would explode, right? Well, that’s what will inevitably happen in the future as more wealthy people get to learn of ZCash’s ability to hold their money, and hide it away from government reach.
In essence, ZCash (ZEC) is one of those coins that guarantee you good long term value. In fact, it won’t come as a surprise if the price of ZCash overtakes that of bitcoin in the next 10 years or so.  At its current depressed price, it makes for a great buy!



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