Mercury (MER) is a diamond in the rough

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Mercury (MER) is a diamond in the rough

When looking to invest in a coin, what motivates you? It is the money, and the hype that it attracts? Well, at least for most people that’s the case. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong way around it. If you invest in the hype especially for small altcoins that are yet to get market acceptance, you will end up losing money to pump and dump schemes. For you to make money in this market, you need to look for coins that have some fundamentally transformative value.  Approach this market the way Buffett approaches the stock markets. It is by using this approach that you will realize that Mercury (MER) is a gem in the dirt.
So, what is Mercury (MER)?

Mercury is a protocol that runs on the Ethereum platform and aims to decentralize messaging on communication platforms. It aims to do this through a trustless exchange of GMT tokens. This is in a bid to make such messaging private, and improve the overall quality of service delivered by a messaging platform.
Reasons why Mercury (MER) will get adopted


  1. Privacy

As currently constituted, messaging platforms offer little in terms of privacy to their users. They simply don’t have the incentive to give you privacy. That’s because you don’t pay anything for you to use them, which means they have to sell your information to advertisers.  The mercury protocol intends to put an end to this, and give you control over your personal information. When a platform integrates Mercury, users have the capability to buy tokens that they can use to access services such as encrypted messaging. This is an incentive enough for messaging platforms to keep your information private so as to earn tokens. Besides, the process is trustless so there is no one manipulating your information, provided you buy the tokens. This profit motive is reason enough for messaging companies to incorporate MER into their platforms. If a good number of them incorporate it, you can be sure that the value of Mercury (MER) will grow in the long run. This makes it a good investment even though its price is quite depressed right now.

  1. Mercury allows for messaging cross-platform

Right now, messaging platforms such as social media apps lock-in their users. While this may look like a strategy for preserving business, it actually limits growth. Imagine if people could send messages across platforms? It would give each of the messaging applications involved access to a higher number of users, which in turn means higher profits. That’s exactly what the Mercury platform does. It allows different platforms to share users through cross-messaging, significantly increasing their user base. That’s a motive enough for messaging platforms to adopt MER, which will in turn push its value up.
Where to buy Mercury (MER)

If you like Mercury and would like to invest in it, you will be excited to learn that it is now offered on one of the largest exchanges in the world, and that’s Bittrex.  Yes, you can now buy MER coin on Bittrex. That enough reason to be confident in the future of this coin.


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