Looking for the next big crypto? Check out Mesh

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Looking for the next big crypto? Check out Mesh

The internet is a powerful tool that has transformed lives in unprecedented ways. Through the internet, people can participate in global ecommerce, among other wealth creation ventures. For instance, someone in some third world country can now order for products from Alibaba, and get to make a good living. That’s something that would never happen without the internet. Unfortunately, some of the world’s poorest people do not have access to these benefits of the internet. That’s where the Mesh project comes in. MeshBox intends to use blockchain technology to bring this to end, and give everyone the benefits of wealth that come with the internet.  Quite powerful, right? Let’s now go through 4 reasons why you should invest in MeshBox.

  1. MeshBox gives internet-power to over 50% of the world

If you have been an investor before, then you know that one of the triggers to exponential value growth in an asset is the ability to offer a new, but much-needed service. Meshbox intends to do exactly that. With all the power that the internet gives to the people, just imagine that over half the world population doesn’t have access. By solving this problem, Meshbox will have taken over more than half the of the global internet market. That’s a phenomenon that is guaranteed to give the Mesh token unprecedented value growth.

  1. Mesh guarantees internet connection under all conditions

One of the problems that internet users face today is that of reliability. For instance, in extreme weather conditions such as during hurricanes, it is not uncommon for internet connectivity to go down. Now imagine how big it would be if someone comes up with a solution to this problem. That would be a jackpot, right? Well, Meshbox intends to do exactly that. It makes use of the blockchain technology to create self-repairing nodes, which in turn ensure that people can access the internet even in the most extreme of conditions. That’s something that even Google and Facebook have been unable to achieve using their floating balloon-based internet connectivity. This technical superiority is guaranteed to make Meshbox network the preferred internet network all across the world.  The result will be fast growth in value of the Mesh token.

  1. Meshbox can connect from anywhere

Today, your internet is tied to your internet provider, and is region specific. That’s why if you move to a different country, you would have to buy a new internet package for you to use the internet. This is a cumbersome and expensive process. Meshbox intends to put this to an end by allowing you to connect to the internet from any location all across the world. That’s incredible, right? You can be sure that once this gets implemented, the value of the Mesh token will skyrocket.

  1. Team tokens will be frozen for two years

One of the best ways to tell a good cryptocurrency project is to check the duration within which, the team is supposed to hold tokens. The longer the period, the higher the chances that they are committed to having the project work. In the case of Meshbox, the team cannot dispose of their tokens for the first 2 years. That’s a clear indicator that the team believes in the project and are ready to stick in, and make it work. This is clearly a project worth investing in.

Check out the MeshBox website here and White Paper here.

Image credit: meshbox.network


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