NuBits (USNBT) is the true Threat to fiat Currency

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NuBits (USNBT) is the true Threat to Fiat Currency

There has been so much hype in the last few years about how bitcoin and many other cryptos will replace fiat money, and completely disrupt the financial system as we know it today.  But let’s get real people, do you foresee a future where someone buys coffee with Bitcoin? I thought so too, it will never happen! You know why? Because bitcoin and many other coins out there are always fluctuating in value by unrealistic margins. No one wants to find themselves in the same situation as the guy who bought pizza with $10,000 bitcoins in 2010, by spending their coins!  But there is one coin that can be used without the incentive to hoard, and that’s NuBits (USNBT). Here’s why:
For starters, NuBits moves at the same rate as the U.S dollar.  As such, when spending NuBits (USNBT), you don’t have to worry that you will miss out on some speculative price rise the following day, and leave you feeling stupid for spending it.

This is one key aspect that places NuBits ahead of other cryptos in the market. In short, it is designed to be used, not to be hoarded in anticipation of some speculative price move. And that is what cryptos were intended to do in the first place, get used for day-to-day transactions!
Secondly, NuBits (USNBT) is cheap to spend, which makes it a viable alternative to credit cards. That’s because, NuBits has no vendor fees. It also has no chargebacks like credit cards do. This means that business vendors can easily integrate NuBits into their systems without having to worry about fees, or untrustworthy customers issuing chargebacks upon taking the product. This feature alone is enough to give USNBT coin the mass adoption that many other cryptos in the market will never have.  In short, it is a practical cryptocurrency.
On top of that, NuBits is the true answer to the problem of money transfer and international remittances. That’s because it is almost free to send money using NuBits. It only cost pennies.  All that is required is for both the sender and the receiver to have a its wallet. Besides, it’s instant. Based on these attributes, it is not hard to see why NuBits is a practical cryptocurrency that can easily replace all other traditional forms of payments both in store transactions, as well as in international commerce.
The other great attribute of NuBits is its ability to give you power over your money, away from the banking system. That’s because USNBT is secure, and its value doesn’t fluctuate much from the dollar value.  This means that by holding money in the NuBits you can rest assured that your money is safe without having to deal with issues such as bank charges, or the bank going under with your money.
Going by these attributes, it is not hard to see why NuBits (USNBT) is the true crypto currency. Everything else in the market is pretty much speculative. This is the only coin that people can easily transact with, without feeling the need to hoard. Now that’s currency!



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