Are you a long-term value investor? Try IoT Chain (ITC)

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Are you a long-term value investor? Try IoT Chain (ITC)

Are you looking to invest in a crypto coin that guarantees you value growth for the next 10, 20 years or even more? Well then, IOT chain (ITC) is the coin for you. This coin is meant to allow for efficient transactions between devices, and that’s where the world is headed. If you don’t believe this, you just need to look around your house.

Electronic devices are getting smarter by the day, and this trend will continue. That’s why IOT chain (ICT) a coin that is focused on enabling devices communicate and share info is a sure bet, as the internet-of-things technology matures. Other than its alignment with the future of devices, here are 3 reasons why ICT coin is a sure bet for a long-term investor.

  1. It is very secure

This is one of the aspects that will push up IoT chain in the long run. To ensure that devices can communicate without the risk of hacking, it combines asymmetric encryption and ciphertext computing technology to make it impenetrable by hackers.

As more devices become smart, it is obvious that hackers will enter this space, and as a result the demand to integrate IoT chain into devices will grow as a protective measure. This is one of the reasons why it is poised to offer good value growth in the long-run.

  1. IOT chain (ICT) is highly efficient

Current internet-of-things technology only allows for devices that have high computing power to interact. IoT chain intends to disrupt this by creating an environment where even devices with low computing power can communicate with each other. It does this by using a highly advanced version of DAG technology.

This will lead to an explosion in the number of devices that use IoT chain, and you know what that means, right? It means the price of ICT coin will grow exponentially simply on the basis of demand and supply. This makes ICT coin current price is a great entry point for someone looking to reap big in the long run. Besides, this aspect is what places it ahead of its competitor IOTA, thereby giving it competitive advantage in the market.

  1. It makes big data sharable

As things stand, data that is collected by IoT devices is either not circulated or it is taken by big corporations for their own benefit free of charge. IoT chain takes a different approach to this system. It wants to ensure that the data that a person’s devices collect can be sold by the user to those who need it. In essence, IOT chain is monetizing data from IOT devices and giving those monetary benefits to the people, not just a few corporates.

This will trigger more people to buy devices that run on the IoT chain (ICT) platform in the long run since it allows them to make some money from their home appliances. This will play a critical role in pushing up the price of ICT coin in the long-run. That’s why it makes sense to invest now and hold, before this mass adoption occurs and the price of IoT chain skyrockets.


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