How to buy and move NANO (XRB) coins to a safe wallet

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How to buy and move NANO (XRB) coins to a safe wallet

Being one of the greatest cryptocurrency, RaiBlock (XRB) now re-branded to NANO (XRB), is a great investment opportunity. However, you have to understand how to buy NANO coins and also how to move the NANO coins to a safe RaiBlock wallet.

NANO (XRB) is quite a unique cryptocurrency considering that it uses a block-lattice architecture where every user has an account on his/her own blockchain. Then the various blockchains in the network are brought into a consensus by using the delegated Proof-of- stake voting.

Among the things that are attracting thousands of investors to NANO include: instant and costless transactions and limitless probable outcomes. Also, investors don’t need to acquire high power, mining since it is non-mineable (no need to mine any more coins since it has attained its anticipated maximum supply of coins).

So, after making up your mind to invest with NANO, what next? How do you acquire NANO coins?

To begin with, before anything, as an investor you will have to acquire XRB to enable you to transact with NANO.

Probably, you are wondering what will happen to the previous RaiBlock wallets as well as the addresses used in the wallets. Whether the RaiBlock wallets will still be useful for NANO. But the answer is YES.

The wallets and the funds in them will still remain operational. Even the addresses will still have the XRB at the beginning, although they will later be changed to nano_.

The available RaiBlock wallets are:

  1. RaiBlock web wallet
  2. RaiBlock hardware wallets
  3. RaiBlock third party wallets

For the RaiBlock (xrb) web wallet also known, you don’t have to download the ledger on your computer. However, you still remain in control of your private keys. But there is a little caution on this since the internet is not secure from hackers.

There are three different types of RaiBlock hardware wallets namely: Linux wallet, Mac wallet and Windows wallet. Every one of these wallets is designed for the specific Operating system of your device. And to use any of them, you will be required to first download the ledger on to your computer. These are quite safer compared to the web wallets.

The RaiBlock third party wallets are two; the RaiWalletBot and the RaiWallet. The RaiWalletBot is a Telegram bot for managing the RaiBlock cryptocurrency and you don’t own any keys. On the other hand, the RaiWallet is a web wallet and you get to won keys.

For you to acquire NANO (XRB) coins, you will have to first purchase Bitcoin using fiat currency and then exchange the Bitcoins with NANO coins. When doing this it is advisable to use exchanges that allow XRB such as Binance, Mercatox, EtherDelta and HitBTC.

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