Why Lisk (LSK) Investors are Excited as February Berlin Meet up Nears

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Why Lisk Investors are Excited as February Berlin Meet up Nears

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem can be hugely volatile, which is why many experienced investors say you need to know the market to trade in it. While prices have tumbled with the drop of BTC, one cryptocurrency seems to be getting all the goodies. That’s Lisk (LSK), a blockchain cryptocurrency meant for programmers and developers to built decentralized apps.

Lisk is looking to rebound after the November 2017 negativity that left prices on the floor and LSK investors disappointed. Now things are looking up with the February Berlin meet-up. The official rebranding being undertaken by the Lisk team has supports and investors are excited. As such, a lot of the negativity surrounding the November meet-up failure has dissipated, positivity is growing as the price drop has given investors an opportunity to buy low in time for the Berlin meet-up that is expected to herald soaring prices.

Lisk (LSK) has had a good week at the back end of January.

As the February 20th 2018 Live Re-launch Event approaches, Lisk has had a terrific week at the back end of January. Prices have more than doubled, LSK trading at over $31 on January 22nd to around $26.07 on most exchanges by 31st January, after dropping to just $3 in November of 2017. For early LSK investors, this is the time to hold.

This price hike is majorly due to the rebranding, but the big announcement that LSK would be available on bitFlyer did a lot to contribute to what we are witnessing. LSK investors can now buy and sell LSK on bitFlyer by logging in to the exchange on their PC and navigating to the Lisk tab. Price movements are x6 in January, and it looks like there is a pump going on after the Japan-based exchange company made the big announcement. Many market experts are now reporting that the availability of bitFlyer and the rebranding event could further catalyze a more significant uptrend.

Another positive feed came from the January 26th release of results of a LSK Community Survey program launched early January. The management reported on its Twitter handle that they intend to use the incredible survey information to address the pertinent issues raised and which affect the Lisk community.

Is this a good time to invest in Lisk?

2018 overviews and price predictions suggest it is.

Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming visible to the financial and business communities. This can only mean that the value of cryptocurrencies is being felt. Several sectors of the world economy are rushing in to tap into the potential use cases and benefits of crypto coins. And that is where LSK comes in. Its platform has been designed to allow developers build their platforms, much more like Ethereum’s Smart contracts.

The single biggest reason why Lisk is so exciting right now is the expectation that the rebranding is going to make Lisk hugely successful.  Rebranding has the potential to make Lisk more appealing. Already, the January 25th release of the new Nano 1.3.3 app on GitHub has elicited a lot of attention from the Lisk community. The minimal feature client is downloadable, and Lisk users have every reason to be optimistic about the security of their LSK. The demand for Lisk will be very high after the re-launch, and this is likely to drive prices even higher.


Although short-term investors may find themselves with a lot of cash, it is long-term investors who may realize the most profits.  LSK’s market cap has hit $3.098 billion, a sharp rise from just over $1 billion in November 2017. The price of LSK is expected to grow, hitting $50 before the end of the year. With all these positivity around, it is pretty easy to see why Lisk (LSK) investors are getting excited over the coming Berlin meet up.


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