Why Buying Verge (XVG) would be Wise Decision in the long-run

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Why Buying Verge (XVG) would be Wise Decision in the long-run

South Korea has officially banned anonymous trading of cryptocurrencies. While this has had a negative impact on the entire market, there is no doubt that majority of the coins will regain their losses. However, there is a segment of the crypto market that is likely to have a rough time if other countries go the South Korean way, and that’s privacy coins. As governments continue to crackdown on the privacy aspect of cryptocurrencies, you can be sure that many privacy-focused coins will disappear from the market. But there is one privacy coin that is guaranteed to wade through this and come out victorious, and that’s Verge (XVG). That’s all thanks to the wraith protocol.

What is Wraith Protocol?

It is basically a link between public and private blockchains. If you are familiar with blockchain, then you understand that there are two types of blockchain namely: Public and private blockchain. In a public blockchain, the transactions are visible and can be traced to an individual address. However, in a private blockchain, the transactions can’t be viewed, which is why coins like Verge can be used to make anonymous transactions.  Since their inception, these two blockchains have always been mutually exclusive until now, when the wraith protocol can link them together. With the wraith protocol, one can use Verge to make anonymous transactions, as well as public transactions in cases where rules demand so.
How wraith protocol will give Verge an upward push


  1. It will make Verge compatible with upcoming regulations

No matter how we would all love for the market to remain as it is, away from the preying eye of government, there is no contest that regulations are coming. One of the areas that these regulations will target is the area of privacy. That’s why Verge (XVG), by becoming flexible enough to make the ledger public, stands to thrive in this changing market. The coin will attract investors looking for privacy of transactions while at the same time staying within the regulatory frameworks set by governments. This versatility will increase the demand for verge relative to its supply and the result will be a growth in value, in the later part of 2018 and beyond.

  1. People crave privacy

Part of the reason why cryptocurrencies have surged is due to the element of privacy and control that they give back to the people. However, as more people get to learn that most of the popular coins are not private, money will start flowing towards privacy coins. One of the coins that stands to benefit is Verge. That’s because thanks to the wraith protocol, this coin still maintains its security features through its privacy blockchain while at the same time allowing users to switch to a public blockchain any time the need arises.
Clearly, Verge (XVG) has a leg up in the next wave of crypto growth. There is a good chance that it could emerge as one of the most important altcoins in coming days, and reward investors richly.


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