Cindicator (CND): The coin that will change the financial markets for good!

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Cindicator (CND) will change the financial markets for good!

Technology has been an integral part of the finance industry for quite some time now. That’s why asset management companies now choose to hire MIT tech graduates over business experts, as they try to get better at predicting the market. But now there is a cryptocurrency platform that promises to change this game, by decentralizing the whole market prediction business. That coin is Cindicator (CND)!

What is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a platform that is designed to collect information on the market both from human beings, as well as through machine learning and help traders make accurate investments. Through this platform, those who provide correct predictions are rewarded with CND points. The whole idea is to allow for successful trading in volatile markets.

Why Cindicator is a game changer

  1. It eliminates market manipulation

While there are many predictive tools in the market right now, many of them are controlled by a few individuals, and are open to manipulation.  With Cindicator (CND), market forecasting is done in a decentralized manner.

Given the mistrust that people have towards the financial markets due to the never ending manipulation, it is not hard to see why CND will gain mass adoption once more people get to know about it. This is a coin that is about to bring equity in the flow of information in the financial markets, something that even laws barring insider trading have never managed to achieve.

  1. Cindicator predictions are based on the efficient market hypothesis theory

If you are active in the financial markets, then you already know about efficient market hypothesis. However, if you are just getting in, EMH simply means that due to market dynamics, all information about an assets is always incorporated into its price, making it impossible to beat the market.

By using this theory, Cindicator takes in information from as many players as possible without the possibility of manipulation, As such, any prediction that Cindicator gives is pretty accurate since it is based on information in the market at any given time.  This accuracy is part of what will propel Cindicator’s value given that is brings in an element of certainty in a market where many lose their fortunes due to misinformation, wrong market analysis and incorrect or manipulated predictions.

  1. Cindicator has a working product

Many of the cryptos in the market right now, save for the smart contract ones like Ethereum, are nothing but hyped projects that have never been tested in the market, and many will never see the light of day. That’s part of the reason why the whole crypto market is said to be in a bubble right now, and it’s already deflating. Cindicator (CND) is one of the few coins that actually have a working product. One can download the Cindicator App on Google Store or the Apple store and start predicting. It’s a pretty fun app to use, one that allows you to win rewards for every correct prediction you make.

This is definitely the coin to watch for pragmatic investors looking for long-term value growth.



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