Populous (PPT) Skyrockets Just Days to Launch

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Populous (PPT) Skyrockets Just Days to Launch..

Populous (PPT) is the latest kid on the blockchain and seems to have hit the ground running. Its price and volume are skyrocketing few days before launch. This is a new type of cryptocurrency that targets freelancers and businesses for ease of invoicing. This is a financing platform where sellers and buyers can interact in transparent way.

Small and medium sized businesses lose billions of dollars due to flawed invoicing systems. Populous seeks to help businesses sell a list of accounts receivable at a discount. This is an alternative financing that covers capital deployment and invoice financing.

Populous is trying to change how borrowers use invoices to buyers globally using Poken digital coins or tokens. The network rides on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Anyone across the globe can purchase the Populous tokens (PPT) and use them to access this form of alternative lending. The system uses smart contracts for seamless execution of transactions.

Populous Launch Date

This is an innovative invoice market place that uses iXBRL smart contracts to create a unique platform for lenders, SMEs and investors. The beta version of Populous is set to be released this January according to a tweet (@BitPopulous) from Lee, a contact at Populous dated January 7, 2018.

It has been three weeks since the tweet and this could be the reason why there is too much hype around the PPT coin. The launch must be anytime from now.  According to the Populous development team, the price is 32% higher and prospective investors and enthusiasts can access the simulation from the official beta page.

Benefits of Populous (PPT) Coin

The market out there is quite hostile for the small and medium sized businesses and freelancers. All these are confronted with short term liquidity problems. They are looking for solutions that Populous is addressing through invoice financing.  There are many individuals and companies looking for affordable unpaid invoices.

The populous platform seeks to eliminate the function of intermediaries in the sector. These tend to inflate the prices forcing small businesses and freelancer to pay more. The system instills transparency and this reduces the overall cost of transaction drastically.  These intermediaries are taking advantage of the convectional processes.

The beauty of the Populous platform is that it is transparent, reliable, and fast and built on the immutable blockchain protocol. Thus it becomes the first choice network that matches the invoice seller and the buyer directly. The processes are backed with the smart contract technology and the system is automated to assess user credit worthiness in a seamless manner.

There are two coins riding on the Populous platform; PPT and Poken. Poken is the coin used for internal transactions to buy and sell invoices. If you want to invest in invoices, you use the PPT coin and are the ones being distributed during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A total of 53million PPT coins will be created and floated globally.

Populous Market Entry Analysis

The digital money markets look green for the week running and Populous seems to be riding high at a time when Coincheck exchange is refunding its investors with the previously stolen XEM. PPT has gained by over 16.65% to $73 last week and has dropped in the last few days to trade at $67.15. The price seems to have grown tremendously mid-January despite other cryptocurrency prices tumbling.

Given this is a new concept in the finance sector; the peer-to-peer invoicing system globalizes a sector that is localized. Participants have the opportunity to connect on an action-based platform and unlock millions of dollars locked in invoices.

With the beta network undergoing testing, the simulation is on and this has created a lot of buzz around PPT. the interest has outperformed other Altcoins and it is now ranked number 25. This is however, a low supply coin with 37 million coins in circulation despite having 53 million in total supply.

Populous (PPT) is listed on several exchanges with Binance being the largest accounting for almost 75% of the total volume in the last 24 hours. This shows the potential the platform has. It targets over 40,000 invoice finance users in the UK alone.  If it gains adoption across the world, the sky could be the limit in their niche.

The winning point for Populous is its ability to offer discounts in a secure and reliable manner. It enables its users to receive fund in less than 24 hours with the lowest fee in the market. With the interest shown in the last few weeks, PPT has the potential to attract more users and become the future of invoicing.



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