Civic (CVC) coin headed for a takeoff in 2018

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The Civic (CVC) coin is a token of CIVIC, a cryptocurrency company, whose ICO was launched on 22 June, 2017. Its main agenda is to provide businesses to the individuals with the ability to protect and control their identities.

One of the greatest success of Civic app is that, users can access other websites linked to the Civic network and to use their services.

It is among the very few cryptocurrency ICOs that was able to rise close to $30 millions immediately after being launched. Civic actually got an award of the best startup in 2017 at the K (NO) W Identity Conference.

What is so unique with Civic (CVC)?

Cryptocurrencies always faced with the problem of hacking. All cryptocurrency developers are always looking multiple ways to better their networks to block any identity theft. Civic developers succeeded in development of ultimate secure crypto coin.

Civic’s architecture comprises of a decentralized blockchain and some biometrics, offering a multi-factor verification without the need of using a username, third party verifier, hardware verifying machine or a password. In doing this, the Civic network has succeeded in eliminating all possible ways that hackers can use.

But, how does Civic verify identities?

I know you must be asking yourself how this network verifies identities without using the conventional methods like passwords, third party verifier and a physical verifying machine.

Civic uses Secure Identity Platform technique in identifying identities. Since any transaction is voluntary, SIP only shares the necessary data require for the transaction. The verification process is usually real-time and only uses what is required at that specific moment.

But of course you have to be a member/user of this application. To do this, you only need to download the Civic app, create an account and verify your identity.

Civic token

For an investor to access the services of the Civic network, they have to own the CVC tokens.

To own the CVC token, the user has to first set up a Civic wallet with the most convenient being MyEtherWallet.

After setting up the wallet, you should probably buy Bitcoins first and exchange them for CVC. At the moment one CVC token is equivalent to 0.00006099 BTC (Bitcoin).

Why is Civic (CVC) the best 2018 cryptocurrency?

With the multi-agency verification, users are assured of the safety of their cryptocurrencies. At least there is this feeling of safety with the Civic. This is further enhanced by the fact that the user’s data isn’t stored on the civic blockchain, but rather on the private key which is encrypted.

The other most important thing is the stability of its prices.  Even at a period when we saw most crypto coins  experienced some abnormal market price movements, CVC was relatively calm. Also, looking at the past trend, the value of CVC has gradually increasing by about 335% over the last one year. It has been listed on exchanges and it is expected to do even better in 2018.

At the moment a single Civic token is going at the point of $0.716309 USD at CoinMarketCap.

Investors can take advantage of this low price and can buy as many Civic (CVC) coin as possible before the price gets too high.


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