Viberate (VIB): The Game Changer for the Music Industry

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Viberate (VIB): The Game Changer for the Music Industry

Vibrate (VIB) is a unique kind of cryptocurrency, a blockchain based platform aimed at growing the little known musician alongside the stars. After running the most successful $ 10.7 ICO, the platform is setting new standards in the crypto-sphere. This is a musician reward system that helps in growing the live music platform by rewards artists with VIB tokens.

According to Vasja Veber, the COO and co-founder of this Slovenian bases company “Investing a 1.2 million dollars’ worth of tokens to repay our contributors’ efforts not only means that some of them will be able to quit their day jobs, but also gives our token the utility value not a lot of blockchain projects have”.

This is a project on its kind that seeks to disrupt the live music industry with blockchain technology, digital economy and cryptocurrency. A package that seem ideal where the gap between established and upcoming musicians keeps widening and cost of marketing and production is sky rocketing.

Viberate (VIB) Route to Market Strategy

This is a serious project and has already attracted a lot of interest from the music industry and five major exchanges including Bittrex and Binance.  Plans are also underway to create awareness to mass VIB token adoption. To make it easier for the early adopters, Viberate is partnering with Chaneelly to facilitate the use of credit cards through the later.

In my personal opinion, the Token seems to have hit the ground. Very soon, you will be able to the most popular Jaxx wallet to securely receive; store ads exchange your VIB tokens. This is a major step for any modern platform given the vibrant music market.

For the first 2,000 days, the Vibrate network will evenly distribute 5,000 VIB tokens daily a clear indication of how the developers have confidence in the future of the coin. To get a piece of this revolutionary coin, you are rewarded by curating musician databases, the venue they are performing and event organizers. A simple add or editing gives you some amount of VIB tokens

How is Viberate fairing in the Market?

Well the journey does not seem that rosy but with a unique niche, 2018 seems to be the best year for the startup.  With are market capitalization of $57,316,015, the current price per token against the USD is $ 0.635363 with a growth of 58.58% (at the time of writing). The response, given their route to market as of today seems bright.

According to CoinMarketCap, the fluctuating growth is because half of the users are either creating or promoting the platform out of their passion and love for music. One the content developers and promoters start to touch base with their fans through the platform, a lot of activity will trigger the growth on the platform making VIB valuable. This might end up changing the music industry landscape and many artists will transition from music being a part time occupation to full time business.

With the transformation of Vibrate points from current user to VIB tokens and the number multiplied by 6.5, the major contributor points now slightly stand at over 42,000 VIN translating to more than $ 7,000 at the time of writing; this is enough for a single months work according to Vasja Veber.

According to PWC report the music industry has a huge potential and the anticipated growth in 2018 is positive, the report estimates that the industry will see a growth of 3-3.5% which translates to 26.5 billion this year alone. The gains are huge and early adoption ensures more returns.

Is Viberate (VIB) the Music Disruptor 2018 and Beyond?

Most music enthusiasts are also crypto-aware and those interested in music and cryptocurrency technologies are the ones holding the key to Viberate future. It is a thriving business that has just gotten a new level playing ground and any one in love with entertainment and music in particular has a platform to identify with.

There is too much hype around VIB and Viberate; the system benefit users who continuously incorporate new artists, new venue and occasions to its database. This is turning out more like a referral system on social media and BitcoinTalk forum has not been left behind. This positive reception is poised to make the network a force to reckon with by making entry to the music industry by upcoming artists easy and seamless.

Viberate (VIB) is billed the game changer for the music industry through taping into the cryptocurrency technology. Music lovers have an opportunity to growth their star artists and give then something to smile about through curating their profiles and live music activities.


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