Stellar (XLM): The Orbiting Coin to Buy in 2018

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Stellar (XLM): The Orbiting Coin to Buy

Figures do not always lie and this tends to be confirmed by Stellar (XML) growth of over 20,000% in 2017 alone. This could be because of the first ever coin created and publicized on the Stellar ecosystem back in July 2017. Well, your guess might be as good as mine; there seems to be something peculiar between the two coins.

The current Stellar meteoric rise can be attributed to the psychology of pricing versus the value proposition. People always consider the price versus the value they get from any product or service. Stellar combines both. A few months ago, XLM was among the cheapest coin in the top 20 in market capitalization. What sets Stellar apart from other Altcoins is not the price but value.

Stellar (XLM) offers a secure and performance based platform. Investors are looking for a brand that does not just offer solutions to their needs; they look for superior solutions that impact positively on their lives. If newer currencies just offer the same services like Bitcoin and Ethereum did five years ago, there would be not competition in the digital money market.

Users have shifted from first and second generation cryptocurrencies and are now focusing on the third generation ecosystems that have increased functionalities and guaranteed consumer satisfaction. Speed, accuracy, dependability, affordability are what you should look for in a cryptocurrency; forget the big names.

Why Big ICO’s are Using Stellar

It is not easy for some coins to allow you to ride on their ecosystem to run your own ICO; however, with Stellar you are free to do so. They go the extra mile to ensure access their easy to use platform. This is fast enough and you do not need to be tech savvy to have your custom ICO up and running. The platform is cheap and you can launch your coin on their system

Mobius is one of the best examples of coins built on Stellar (XLM) and their pre-sale concluded recently. What’s more; early adopters were not restricted to the coins to use. The only unique feature of the Mobius sale was that it was an invite only project that managed to raise a whopping $30,000,000!

Mobius offer almost zero transaction fees for a system built on a live SCP.  SCP systems are known as the most efficient, functional and secure in the cryptocurrency world. This could possibly explain the reason why IBM divorced Ethereum due to its system flaws.

As much as people talk about Ethereum smart contracts, Mobius also used similar contracts but their platform is affordable, fast, secure and scalable at the same time. this is the reason why small and big enterprises are embracing the Mobius technology without worrying about any external threats.

Stellar Market Stats

Stellar (XLM) stands at $0.632813 USD (1.08%) with a market cap of $11.4 (at the time of writing). The XLM price has surged during the week while other Atlcoins seems to falter. A noticeable growth of 20% is as a result of news that Stripe, an online payment company, support for XLM. Stripe recently moved from BTC due to the current congestion on their network. Stellar has the bigger capacity to host many live Apps compared to older platforms. currently, the coin is billed one of the hottest in 2018 and has climbed up by 65% towards the end of January making it to the top ten in market cap. The last week of January saw the market cap move to $10 billion according to CoinMarketCap statistics.

Stellar is the only natural choice when it comes to transaction speeds. You can be able to exchange currencies in less than 5 seconds. The same applies to converting fiat currencies into digital currencies. These rates are what modern businesses are demanding from the blockchain technology. You do not have to wait in a line at a local departmental store for a system that is mean to make life easier.

By just taking a glance at the Stellar forum on Reddit, for the last few days, you will realize the increase in activity. This is a clear indicator that more and more adorers are turning to be users and Google searches for Stellar (XLM) are telling a positive story when it comes to interest. Media attention has also helped the coin penetrate the market subtly making it a coin to watch in 2018.

Given the functionalities and price of building other applications on the Stellar ecosystem, the rate of adoption will continue to rise while thus creating value for XLM. Big investors are setting camp on the ecosystem because it adds value to their processes and makes the cost of doing business manageable. This is a sign of a platform that is focused consumer needs and anticipates to solve problems other competitor platforms are facing well in advance.


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