adToken (ADT) Price Predicted to Surpass its all-time high of $0.23

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The adToken price seems to be the only cryptocurrency prices that have resumed their previous December, 2017 uptrend. Most recognizable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently still struggling with a decline in price.

But let’s first look at what is adToken (ADT)?

adToken is used in the adChain registry, an Ethereum blockchain network smart contract. adChain registry is mainly used to maintain and store a ledger of the domain names of the publishers who have been credited as real ADT coin holders.

The adChain registry also maintains the platform on which the adToken (ADT) holder proposes that new domains can be listed as well as one where the proposal is to be challenged. The voting interface is also maintained here.

So, why is the adToken price on the rise?

The network of adChain, on which adToken is used, was developed to solve problems related to the advertising technology industry. Therefore, the platform is geared towards how the protocol interacts with the players of the advertisement industry. The registry incorporates blockchain and digital advertising technologies.

As a smart move, developers of adChain have come up with a very user friendly and easy to use protocol to ensure that the players easily adopt the cryptocurrency.

Also, from the time adToken was launched in June 2017, the cryptocurrency has seen several other subsequent major developments for the remaining year of 2017. On August 2017, there was an experimental registry that was deployed. Then, on September 2017, there was the launch of a header bidding peer-to-peer platform. The last event of 2017 was in October, when Dapp bounty program was launched.

The combination of the effects of these developments in 2017 helped propel the prices of ADT higher every day. But, the real deal in 2017 was in December due to the increased financial activities.

The price of ADT took a slight dip in the beginning of January, 2018 as they tried to stabilize. It should also be noted that during this time there was no major event that had happened for the cryptocurrency.

However, in mid-January 2018, there was launch of the data markets and this has given the cryptocurrency the oomph propelling adToken price back on track to go beyond the all-time of $0.23.

More is still on the way for adToken, the challenges to the registry applications are set to be opened to all token holders, while a full decentralization of the registry applications set to be launched to all token holders on Feb, 2019.

Where to buy adToken

Currently there a few platforms from which you can buy ADT coin. The most convenient platforms include BITTREX and EtherDelta.

How to buy adToken (ADT)

The best way of purchasing adToken is by first acquiring Ethereum and exchanging it for ADT.

To buy, you should first set up an adToken wallet. To use Ethereum, you may choose to use the MyEtherWallet since it can be used to store ADT coin on the Etherum blockchain.

After creating a wallet, go ahead and purchase Ethereum after which you can now exchange the Ethereumcoins for adToken coins.


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