Metaverse (ETP): The Reality of Undervalued Cryptocurrency

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Metaverse (ETP): Reality Undervalued Cryptocurrency

Metaverse (ETP) is a new entrant into the cryptocurrency but taking a different path from where Bitcoin begun and Ethereum tried to improve on. This is a blockchain based decentralized platform that seeks to establish a new innovative system of Smart properties. With Metaverse, digitally valuable assets can be circulated free on a level playing ground.

ETP is billed as one of the best public blockchains in China. The beauty of the platform is that it gives users access to affordable and convenient transfer of personal data digitally in a secure and private manner. The ETP token aims at measuring the value of smart assets and properties. These measurements are used as the collateral in all transactions and you can only use Metaverse (ETP) tokens to settle all fees on the platform.

The Metaverse network is comprised of three parts that work as the pillars of the entire network.  The digital asset part deals with physical assets that can be digitalized by being assimilated into the internet of value. This is a bid to enhance market value.

When it comes to exchanging information and data, digital identity is very important. This is one of the seamless ways it helps to connect people, organizations and other internet enabled systems.

The third pillar of the its ecosystem is the value intermediary aspect. This helps platform in connecting the physical world to the virtual one.  It takes care of smart properties which are identified with corresponding Avatars.

Metaverse Market Presence

Given that digital assets have their special place in the cryptocurrency world; Metaverse is an entry point where you can get access to assets on the chain. The platform offers an immutable system where you can build a personalized digital identity.

According to CoinMarketCap, ETP is ranked number 169 and is worth 3.06 (at the time of writing) and a drop of -6.43 for the last 24 hours. To maintain the trends in the market, the platform employs the Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) concept. This means you can request for custom services depending on your specific needs. This works well if you have any business transactions and asset management needs.

When NEO was hit by the China FUD, Metaverse was being traded by Bter, a Chinese exchange that halted its operation due to the current chinese crackdown on cryptocurrencies, Altcoins and ICOs. The price of ETP was $5 but crashed since many of the Chinese investors were cashing out. This was seen as just like a Chinese affair with a cheap coin and the western hype was missing.

ETP came into the limelight when it started trading on Bitfinex. Many cryptocurrency addicts noticed how undervalued it was through analyzing its products. The team behind the coin is focused on offering better service than the first and second generation cryptos in the market today. This explains the recent price jump of ETP.

Currently, the price range is around $3 and the coin is only trading in the west. If you are a cryptocurrency die hard, you should be expecting better returns once the Chinese ban is lifted.

Metaverse was only traded on one big Chinese exchange and managed to trade at $5 without any interest in it by the west. There is a high likelihood that the price will explode; however, if the Chinese ban stays put, there is a lot of demand for ETP product demand across the globe.

How does the Future of Metaverse Look?

The future for the coin looks bright and in my opinion, ETP is an excellent buy. The coins features look promising and could be rated among the top 20 or even 10 by end of 2018. This is based on the fact that Metaverse borrows heavily on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitshares to come up with a product that users can identify with.

Company is solving a perceived problem by offering superior solutions for a modern day cryptocurrency. This can be deduced from its proof of identity and onboarding oracles. The platform has a tight-knit community that is very active and backed by a robust technical team.

There are plans underway for the platform to support proof-of-stakes, a good recipe when creating successful blockchain ecosystems of the future. Generally, if cryptocurrencies value will go up, Metaverse (ETP) will be among the gainers. It has a great product proposition that is highly undervalued. However, they have a great team, resources and passion to challenge the top ten coins.


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