Here is Why Raiblocks (XRB) price is surging

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Here is Why Raiblocks (XRB) price is surging..

Raiblocks (XRB) is one of those coins that has been consistent in value growth, even as the rest of the market sits in unfamiliar territory. That’s quite visible in its price in the last 7 days, as seen in the chart below:

Raiblock (XRB)
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You are probably wondering why this is the case, yet bigger and better known coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have stagnated. Well, that’s because it is technologically superior coin to many other coins in the market right now. In case you have your doubts about this, here are 4 reasons why the price of Raiblocks is pushing up by the day. 

  1. It has unprecedented transaction speeds

Unlike most other cryptos, Raiblocks (XRB) makes use of a different blockchain structure known as block-lattice. Under this system, each block can be updated by the coin owner, which makes transactions instantaneous.  Essentially this makes XRB one of the few cryptos that have a true chance of getting mass-adoption as a currency going into the long-run.

  1. It allows for low cost transactions

Most cryptos in the market right now have complex systems with all manner of costs such as miner’s fees that make them inefficient when compared to traditional payment methods. Raiblocks system is very light and doesn’t have to deal with such issues. Moving transactions across this system is almost free since the account owner is in charge of the chain, eliminating any costs that arise from blockchain verifications. With such low cost transactions, it is not hard to see why Raiblocks will ultimately become the standard for cryptos that are looking to rival existing payment systems.


  1. It’s infinitely scalable

This might get a little technical but it is important, so that you can get a feel of why Raiblocks is infinitely scalable. Normal cryptos use lookup scales that have a tree-structure. Under this system, as the number of entries in the blockchain grows, so do the number of lookups (verifications) required. For instance, using the LognO that is used by most cryptos, it would take 30 lookups to verify 1 billion transactions. This is very slow and beats the whole essence of switching from traditional payment systems like Visa to cryptos. XRB seems to have gotten over this problem through its account-chain system whereby each block gets verified by the sender and the receiver in an instantaneous transaction. This process can be done at any scale, and fast.

  1. It’s highly secure

Raiblocks (XRB) is probably one of the most secure cryptos in the market. Ethereum has been compromised once, and Bitcoin can be compromised by someone who has more than 51% of the total network power. That’s a feat easily achieved by largescale Chinese miners.  That’s where XRB stands out. The raiblocks network uses a delegated proof-of-stake system, which would require more than 50% of all the online voting power for one to compromise the system. That’s virtually impossible to achieve, giving it an edge over the other cryptos.


Where to buy Raiblocks

If you find Raiblocks tenable as an investment, then you can buy it in any one of the following exchanges.

Raiblocks (XRB) also has a working wallet where you can store your coins, without putting your private keys at risk.


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