DigixDAO (DGD): Why it is better than buying bitcoin in 2018

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DigixDAO (DGD): Why it is safe than buying bitcoin in 2018

For years Bitcoin had been dominating the crypto market. But it has been hit with too many flaws to an extent that its years of ruling the crypto markets are soon coming to an end. There is a new giant, DigixDAO (DGD), which is taking the market by storm.

The way things are going, DigixDAO is slowly stealing the hearts of investors from Bitcoin.

The fall of Bitcoin

With years of experience in the market, Bitcoin is supposed to have found a way to maneuver some of the greatest challenges facing cryptocurrencies. But that seems not to be the case. With an ever changing world where new challenges are cropping up daily, Bitcoin seems to be slow in tackling some of these issues.

·        Bitcoin’s scalability problem – slow block time

To start with, Bitcoin’s scalability issue has been creating problems since the coin was launched and to date nothing seems to be happening. Even with the introduction of the SegWit (Segregated Witness) and Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s network transactions still remain among the slowest with a block taking an average of 10 minutes to be resolved, and this is causing a lot of delays.

·        Bitcoin is the worst hit by frauds and Hacking

Then there is hacking. Over the years, there have been several cryptocurrency network hacking over the years with Bitcoin being hit most.

The first hacking came on June 2011, where Bitcoin users lost a cool $500,000 worth of Bitcoins.

Then in August 2011, when the MyBitcoins wallet services mysteriously disappeared from the website due to hacking, sending the whole Bitcoin community into fears of using unregulated online wallets.

On March 2012, Bitcoin’s web host was hacked and around 46,000 Bitcoins worth $200, 000 were stolen. Again the same year on May, the site was again hacked loosing another 18,000 bitcoins. This made some users to sue the company for a refund of $460,000 they lost due to hacking.

The worst I guess was in February 2014, when the world’s leading Bitcoin platform, Mt.Gox, was brought down by hackers.

The hacking of Bitcoin exchanges has been going on and on with the latest being the hacking of Bithumb, a South Korea based largest bitcoin exchanges, in mid-2017.

With this hacking, we don’t know what is next. Bitcoin users are always in fear if something worse happens.

·        Fear of inflation

Also, with the current ballooning of the prices of Bitcoin, there are worldwide fears that the coin may have been overstretched. Especially after the spontaneous rise in value in December 2017.

In a period of about a month now, Bitcoin has declined by 43% from its all time high of $19,769.90 ON 17 Dec, 2017 to the $11,159.60 on 27 Jan, 2017. And the decline just seems to have started. Bitcoin Investors should brace for tough times or opt for a better coin like DigixDAO (DGD).

DigixDAO (DGD) the better option for 2018

DigixDAO is built on the Ethereum technology and users can be assured that the network uses some of the latest technologies like Proof of Asset (PoA) Verification, Minter Smart Contract, Recaster Smart Contract and Generic I/O Contracts.

DigixDAO users get to enjoy instant transactions with a block time of 0seconds.

DigxDAO (DGD) also uses Multi­party Trust Mechanism, which offers a transparent platform to allow for the tokenization of real physical assets.

Due to the success of DigixDAO network, its value has been constantly rising since its release.

The most amazing thing is that even as most of the world cryptocurrencies leaders take a break and retrace after the December upsurge, DGD is still moving up.

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