What Is TRON (TRX) and What Does It Stand For?

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TRON (TRX) is a blockchain based platform that aims to offer an unlimited entertainment system globally. The system allows participants to upload, store and own their data in a decentralized manner. As a user, your data is autonomously stored. The protocol decides on the distribution and subscription enabling creators to release and circulate their digital content as an asset.

The goal of the platform is to make entertainment available to everyone around the world. This is a unique ecosystem that does not ride on big companies like YouTube, Google, Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. As the right platform to monetize your online content, TRON has you covered. You can upload your videos and music or create websites and blogs where you earn through clicks from visitors.

With TRON, you earn depending on the quality of your content. There are no third parties to shrink your profit. You are given a platform, and once you upload your content, you earn a percentage from the clicks. You are in control of how much you get paid. The beauty of the platform is your content is not censored. This gives you the freedom to post any material whether it is advertiser-friendly or not; making it a distinct threat to YouTube

What is TRON )TRX) Trying to Achieve?

Simply put, the TRON ecosystem is all about creating a platform where content creators and consumers meet on level ground for the purpose of entertainment. The goal is to cut out the likes of Google, YouTube, and Apple who act as internet policemen. By so doing, TRON eliminates the middlemen and gives the content creator the power to decide what to upload and how much they earn.

As TRON empowers you as a creator, you earn more compared to using Google or YouTube when monetizing your content. It is also a relief to many content developers who have not been able to get Google AdSense approval in the past. YouTube and other related channels have always thrived on eating into content developer earnings.

Apart from the above solutions, TRON is seeking to give its users a better way to interact through the internet using the blockchain technology. This is a decentralized ecosystem that not only solves the content development micro problem; it also offers TRX, a currency that you can exchange on the TRON platform.

TRON Partnerships

TRON is also bringing other companies onboard their blockchain that will use its native coin, TRX. An example of such a partnership is oBike. The firm offers bike sharing services across Europe, Asia and Australia with over 10 million active users. They have their own coin, oCoin that rides on the TRON protocol. Transactions in oCoins are seamlessly converted to TRX in real time.

Soon, TRON is expected to bring onboard Game.com under the auspices of TRX Dogs. This is a kind of Pets’ Planet that introduces friendly fun into the blockchain. This type of gaming is among the most popular across the globe and is an indication how TRON is focused on future consumer entertainment needs.

Already plans are underway to customize Pets’ Planet by Game.com, and it will soon be launched under tron.game.com and players will only transact using TRX tokens. You will be able to participate in the virtual game and enjoy the company of your favorite virtual pets.

Why Choose the TRON Ecosystem?

The beta version, Exodus is due to be launched on March, 31 this year. All the platform functions are ready and waiting. According to the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, the model can track historical transactions transparently through its public ledger. The systems can achieve up to 1000 transactions per second while supporting very low transfer fees (10e-6TRX per transfer)!

You are secured by smart contract bytecode that rides on TRON’s lightweight and fast loading virtual machine. This offers enough scalability that most significant cryptocurrencies have failed to provide consumers with. The system also provides enhanced monitoring capabilities that enable you to track your transactions and alert you to any potential risks.

As a bold future vision, TRON (TRX) easily offers content developers and fun-loving consumers an avenue to connect for their mutual benefit. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts remain optimistic about the concept, but the content creator will benefit most. The consumer will then have an option other than traditional players such as Google, YouTube and the like who determine what gets seen online and what the developer gets paid.


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