IOStoken (IOST): Is it time to invest yet?

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IOStoken (IOST) is the latest cryptocurrency coin in the market to date. It was launched on 16th January, 2018 and it is yet to appear on most crypto trading platforms yet.

But there are a few trading platforms like coincheckup, CEX, Binance, DEW, OKEx, Huobi and CoinMarketCap which have already listed it.

The Concept behind IOStoken (IOST)

IOStoken cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum network. It is actually an ERC20 coin. The IOStoken (IOST) is the cryptocurrency of the Internet of Services, which is a decentralized platform.

Apart from offering a crypto coin to invest in, the Internet of Services offers a platform for users to exchange digital products as well as services.

IOStoken performance in the markets

There was totally no information about the sale of IOStoken tokens previously to the launch of the coin. This was because the pre-sale of the tokens was made private and only the elite had the chance to purchase. Even so, investors from the United States, China and Korea were not allowed to purchase.

But once the sale was made public on 16th January, 2018, the coin’s value was $0.02 per token.

Over a period of about 8 days, the coin has registered a pretty steady bullish trend which shows a lot of momentum in it. As of 25th January, 2018, the coin was going for $0.096104 USD per token. This represents a 380% increase in value within a period of about a week.

However, the current price is after a decline in prices after the prices experienced a sharp rise on 24th January, 2018, to its all-time high of $0.136496 USD. Meaning, its value has depreciated by 29.6% in a day.

So, is it yet time to invest?

This is usually a very delicate matter. I know any investor is always careful to invest his/her funds in a business that will surely bring profits. And that is exactly why IOStoken (IOST) is the perfect choice.

Looking at the current trend for the coin’s value, this ERC20 coin is surely showing some strong bullish trend. No mare coin registers an appreciation of 380% at a time when the value of all other cryptocurrencies is declining. Actually, this is the only currency that has registered a bullish trend in January; all other cryptocurrencies have been showing bearish trends mainly as pullbacks after the hikes experienced in December.

Considering that the coin is too green and it has been able to gain value in such a tough time, I would bet on it to improve even further in 2018. Investors should grab this opportunity and invest in the coin when its prices are still low so as to take full advantage of the coin.

Investors should also bank on the fact that 2018 will be a very rigorous year for the platform as it tries to drive the cryptocurrency more mainstream. For example, the development team is set to launch their github to the public and their deadline for MVP is on March.


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