Golem (GNT): One of the best coins to buy and HODL

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Golem (GNT): One of the best coins to buy

Golem (GNT) is one of those coins that one should buy and hold in their portfolio. Before you start asking why, let’s first define Golem.  Golem is a global decentralized supercomputer. Yes, you got that right! It’ a supercomputer designed to derive power from the PCs of all its platform users across the world. Golem is quite effective in solving different day-to-day computational problems such as machine learning, graphics rendering among others. In fact there is no limit as to what it can do. As long as there are creative developers working on the platform, then the sky is the limit in terms of its power.  Sounds interesting right, well let’s now at 4 other reasons why GNT is a must have for any crypto investor.

  1. The Golem (GNT) project is continuously being updated

One of the things that help push up cryptocurrency values is the presence of an active developer team that constantly updates the system to make it better. It’s what creates positive news that bring in new investors. On this front, Golem is one of the best. There are developers from all across the world working 24 hours a day to improve the functionality of the Golem super-computer. That’s why the its project is a sure bet for a long-term investor.

  1. Golem has a fixed supply

Supply is always an important fact to consider when looking to invest in a cryptocurrency. When a coin has a fixed supply, its value increases as its demand starts to outstrip the coins available in the market. In the case of Golem (GNT), the number of coins in supply is fixed at 1 billion. Out of these, over 800 million are already in circulation. As time goes by, and people take an interest in this coin, you can be sure that the value of this coin will grow, simply because the demand will be higher than the number of coins that are on offer.

  1. It has a fundamentally sound revenue stream

Just like traditional companies, there is a link between crypto value growth and sustainable revenue streams. In the case of GNT, the platform has a great value stream in Golem brass. This is focused on providing rendering services to help computers run graphics faster. It’s a good revenue source for the project, and will be a great anchor to the coin’s value growth in 2018 and beyond. As more revenue generating projects launch on the Golem project, so will the coin’s value.
Buying and storing Golem coins

There are many exchanges where you can buy GNT. You can buy it on Bitfinex, Poloniex and several other smaller exchanges.  Once you have bought Golem, the next step is to find a safe place to store your coins. One of the best places to store your coins is on MyEtherWallet that also stores Ethereum and many other altcoins. . Alternatively, you can decide to store them in a hardware wallet. Ledger is one of the hardware wallets that allows for the storage of Golem (GNT).


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