Crypterium (CRPT): Among the best crypto banks in the world

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Crypterium (CRPT): Why Its Best crypto bank in the world?

With the momentum in the cryptocurrency world, it is just a matter of time for the cryptocurrency economy to exceed $10,000,000,000,000 US dollars. Such a huge economy will certainly require crypto banks and Crypterium (CRPT) is just the perfect choice.

First, what are crypto banks?

These are new kinds of institutions which are geared towards providing an expanded payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. It is designed to offer the same type of financial services offered by the traditional banks with the only difference being that it will be dealing with crypto coins or cryptoassets rather than Fiat money.

However, they are also to link the fiat world to the crypto world so that to ensure people can trade cryptoassets and receive fiat money in exchange.

Crypto banks are helping in preparing for a world where people will only use cryptocurrencies without the need for Fiat money. They are creating the future!

Features of the Crypterium (CRPT) platform

So as to achieve its goal of providing a fully vertically assimilated service which combines the best of ideas from the whole world of blockchain developers, Crypterium has designed a blockchain system/platform with some of the most unique features there is. These features include:

Mobile cryptobank

This will ensure that users access instant cryptocurrency payments within 42 minutes. The users are also entitled to loyalty programs as well as cashbooks.

It is the perfect place to experience contactless payments using ApplePay, NFC, AndroidPay and QR.

Easy cryptocurrency acquiring

It offers native assimilations using POS software. It also allows crypto to fiat conversions.

OpenAPI platform

This is a kind of an app store for the retail cryptocurrency software. It provides a chance to own a decentralized server infrastructure with easy third party integrations.

Blockchain loans

Crypterium platform also allows users to access instant loans from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the Crypterium platform offers smart contract wallets, daily, single manageable limits, multisig wallet, Real-time Fraud Monitoring and Technical and Financial Audit.

The platform is also PCI-DSS certified.


  1. Users will not have to wait for a card to be issued since Crypterium is contactless. The user uses a virtual card issued after registration.
  2. There are no set limits when it comes to transactions be it in cryptocurrency or fiat form.
  • Users will not be required to first convert their currencies. The payments are instant.
  1. Crypterium has integrated with other payment wallets like PayPal, PayTM, etc. Thus making payment quite diversified.

Crypterium (CRPT) Tokens

For anyone accessing Crypterium cryptobanking services, they will have to first purchase the CRPT tokens. The CRPT tokens are the only kind of tokens acceptable in the Crypterium blockchain ecosystem.

If you don’t have the CRPT tokens, you will have to exchange your cryptocurrencies or fiat money for CRPT to be able to transact in Crypterium.

The total supply of CRPT coins in the market is 44,029,586 CRPT.

The value/price of a single CRPT has always oscillated about $2.5. The highest it has ever cost was $3.00 on 23rd Jan, 2018. The cheapest a single CRPT has sold is $1.90.

Crypterium has a monthly loyalty program where the reward depends on the amount of CRPT tokens transacted by the user in a month. The rewards are generated from 30% transactional income.

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