Adshare (ADST): Perfect blockchain for entertainers

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Adshare (ADST) is a new cryptocurrency that was started in 2017 owned by Company located in Los Angles, USA. It is a unique type of blockchain cryptocurrency that aims at introducing monetization services of social media for film, television and music owners. There are also plans to monetize YouTube.

Adshare mainly targets entertainers, athletes, copyright owners and industries associated with music, sports television and movies.

How does Adshare (ADST) Network work?

In a nutshell, Adshare provides the entertainers, athletes, copyright owners and industries associated with music, sports, television and movies with a chance to trade without depending on the centralized financial systems.

It is a blockchain network that promotes the Ads network.

The Adshare ICO is run on the Ethereum platform.

Features of the Adshare (ADST) ecosystem

Being one a blockchain ecosystem that deals with the entertainment industry, Adshare (ADST) ecosystem has some very special features different from the other blockchain ecosystem.

Below are the features that its users get to enjoy when they join the system:

  • With Adshare, it only requires as low as 1% of the money that the website owners earn to let their ads to be displayed. This is quite low compared to using other methods such as Google and Facebook which require the website owners to pay even more than 50% of the money they earn.
  • It will provide ads that can’t be blocked since they will be generated from the website. This solves the previous problem, where standard ads were sometimes getting blocked by adblockers.
  • The Adshare (ADST) ecosystem is designed to have a buyback option to enable users to sell their ADST back in case they feel they are not getting what they anticipated.
  • The system is censorship resistant.
  • Adshare (ADST) ecosystem is programmed using a machine learning attributes so as to enable the introduction of artificial intelligence elements.

Adshare ICO

The Adshare ICO has been releasing resources after a reaching a well-defined interval as well as a minimum threshold of financing.

With ICO, there is normally no distinct limit for distributing tokens. On the contrary, the ICO contract continuously issues tokens while keeping all the collected funds inside the contract, and later releasing the funds slowly to the ICO creator.

In case a user feels that they are not contented with the any aspect of the Adshare ecosystem, they have the liberty to resale their tokens at any time.

Since it is fairly new in the market, Adshare (ADST) has come up with a way of encouraging early participation. The price of the ADST Tokens is set to gradually increase, according to the number of tokens in circulation. The relationship is linear.

To start with, until the minimum set financial level is attained, with a circulation of less than 10M tokens, the price per token is $0.1 while for a token circulation of over 10M, the token price is calculated as ((number of token in circulation) / 10,000,000) making the prices to be linear to the token supply.

As of 25th Jan 2018, a single Adshare token, ADST, is going for $0.83284 with a market cap of about 16.14 million.

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